Mike Trout on the Spending Question

Mike Trout is running for Congress. The 21st district includes West Boca. Here is his answer to the spending question:
I’m sorry I missed the original posting regarding the Spending Question. I’ll agree with Cesar that taking away corporate entitlements, that in the face of unprecedented profits, are not needed.
There are already eligibility tests for social programs, however, and in fact we know that these programs are, if anything — underutilized. When I say underutilized, I don’t mean to suggest that we don’t spend a significant sum on safety net programs that supplement the nutritional and health needs of children, seniors, the disabled, and unemployed — but the fact is that many more people ‘qualify’ for these programs than actually participate. What that says to me is that in this country, on this day, there are those among us who are going to bed hungry, and going without basic medical care and medicine. This, even as the corporations sit on cash reserves of historic and unprecedented proportions. We don’t have ‘money’ problems. We have a problem of committing resources where they are needed. There is a problem of greed and corruption. It’s not surprising. History is merely repeating itself. Are we listening?
Mike Trout, Vote4Trout