Grill Time in West Boca Place

Update: Grill Time closed. As of October 2015 it looks like it is being replaced with another steakhouse – “Mr. Prime Steakhouse.”

We stopped for lunch at Grill Time in West Boca Place. It’s an interesting combination of steakhouse, kosher, and fusion cuisine.
The plaza, on Glades just is laid out in an odd way and we weren’t sure where it was. Grill Time is in the back of the plaza, between Party City on one side and Bagel Works and Field of Flowers on the other. The front faces Glades.
This satellite/map view may help some. Grill Time’s front door is the blue dot.

But the food is the thing. They started us off with five salads, served with pita bread. We think these were cabbage (purple), egg salad, potato salad (with egg), cole slaw and eggplant salad (reddish).

We liked all of them. The eggplant salad (if that’s what it was) was particularly good. We also ordered a side of Hummus Asli, which we were told is Israeli style. It was huge. The hummus paste itself was very good. Apparently the style refers to the load of warm chick peas in the middle.

I had the soup and salad lunch special with split pea soup and Israeli salad. The soup was good, pretty much what you’d expect.

The Israeli salad was excellent, and like all the other dishes it was a huge portion.

My companion ordered the steak lunch. It’s an oversized ribeye steak. The marinade or seasoning has a bit of a spicy kick to it. Companion is usually sensitive to spices so this was not her favorite but it wasn’t so spicy as to keep her from eating plenty. The accompanying mashed potatoes and vegetables were just fine.

Overall we really liked it. Grill Time is a great place to go with friends or guests who keep kosher and also has a variety of vegetarian options. And there are some interesting options on the menu including Korean style and Japanese style dishes.
We intend to go back with our kids (there is a kids menu) because we have to try the chocolate volcano for four.