Glades Roadwork – FDOT Open House

Glades Road from 441 to Lyons Road
Glades Road from 441 to Lyons Road – click image to enlarge

FDOT held an open house for the upcoming project on Glades Road. Above you can see our imperfect reproduction of their satellite image of the relevant area.
Attendance at the open house was light. The event was at the Glades Road library branch. We estimate less than 10 members of the public showed up. FDOT had some staff there, led by Scott Burrie. He’s the “Construction Project Manager” and also a resident of West Boca. Paving work will be done by contractor Weekley Asphalt Paving, which was represented by Justin Morgan. All the staff we spoke with seemed prepared and knowledgeable.
Some key takeaways from the meeting:

  • Drivers should be careful in work areas, drive slow, and pay attention to lane closure markings. Collisions between 4000 pound cars and 200 pound workers are obviously very bad for the workers. If a lane is marked off as closed, then it’s closed. Don’t try to drive there.
  • Daytime lane closures will be focused on work either on the side (like sidewalks) or the median, and so they will involve closures of side lanes and not the middle lane.
  • These daytime closures will also be done so that all eastbound lanes will be open during the morning rush hour, and all westbound lanes will be open during the afternoon rush hour.
  • Paving operations (milling and resurfacing) on the roadway itself will be done at night, between the hours of 8 pm and 6 am. While they’re trying to close no more than one lane in a direction at a time, we suspect some of the night work may involve closing two lanes.

A number of people asked us why FDOT is doing this project during snowbird season. As we suspected, they have to do work somewhere during the season. They are making a big effort to minimize the impact on traffic, such as doing milling and resurfacing at night and varying lane closure times to fit rush hour.
There was a flyer at the meeting. Below is the relevant portion.
FDOT Flyer with details on Glades Road project