1. So now what? Pay to help him with his mental health issues?….no insurance ….no treatment! It was murder without a doubt…eye for an eye…..send him to the front line ….right to “Isis”….that would be fair Justice…..

  2. Lisa

    Only 1 murder was committed, not 2! Please correct your story… The judicial system is seriously warped. This “should” be an open and shut case. Witnesses, confession etc. He was competent when the murder was committed! End of story!! He deserves what he gave Jimmy and our family. A lifetime of heartache. Fry his ass!!! Where is the “Justice For Jimmy”

  3. Stef

    He is not crazy he knows exactly what he did. I can not believe the justice system that we have here. It is not fair for my dad to get murdered over nothing and not fair for my mom who lost her best friend and to his kids that lost a dad and a grandson who lost his best friend and his role model. And not fair to all of his friends and the community who knew and loved him. But meanwhile a guy who did not care about his 3 kids or his familt when he murdered my dad gets to go to a mental hospital and get medication to help him not be “crazy”. Where is the justice and respect for the innocent. To keep them safe.

    He murdered my father and injured Another man. He is an animal.

  4. If a white man went into another let’s say …whatever ethnic group he is from and shot and killed of his heritage and color….mmmm….there would be riots ….now we sit back and have to use our taxpayer dollars to care for him. Religious view…..deport him to his country of origin… If I, a white american born, tax paying woman since the age of 16 has been employed , paid taxes, not on any state service $ , and not a millionaire, did this crime…..I would get the chair or injection……ugh! So disgusted of our system and the judge who made this decision…shame

  5. Average American

    The guy is definitely competent. He gave a clear explanation of why he murdered Jimmy. The judicial system shows great cowardness by avoiding serving justice. Now everyone can kill a hard working white man. Sorry guys, racism and tilted stage is not always against the darker color, we can see it now.

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