1. Rodrigo lucas

    Hello guys my name is Rodrigo lucas and I am the executive chef at mozart Cafe. I think that this was a little absurd that someone would right this about mozart Cafe. Especially after we were cleared the very next day of pretty much all the violations. We have fixed all the problems that remained. And maybe someone should do there work properly because one of those violation stated that’s there was no certified food handler at mozart. And yet I Rodrigo lucas am certified in the whole state of Florida. Hope to see all you here at Mozart cafe.

    • Rodrigo, you are certainly welcome to speak to this, but you did have a significant list of violations and the report appears to be accurate.

      To your argument about certified food handler, you may be a certified food handler, but were you on-site at the time of the inspection? Is there ALWAYS a certified food handler on site when the business is open?

      I suggest you stay in compliance all the time so that your next inspection is better. It is not enough to clean things up after you were caught.

    • Marc


      Just some kind words of advice.

      a. Warren reports the news in an unbiased way. He doesn’t really make comments, he just lays out the reports.
      b. your sloppy grammar makes your comment less easy to read than it could be (Mozart and Lucas should have capitalized first letters; one “writes” not “rights” about things; someone should do “their” [not there] work).
      c. Warren didn’t make a comment on you guys not having a certified food handler. Maybe that was in the report, but READ HIS COMMENTS, he makes absolutely no mention of this. So if it’s in the report, direct your complaint to the inspectors. You can make a comment here, but don’t direct it at Warren.

      Your ramblings don’t represent you or your restaurant well. Perhaps when commenting on stuff like this, run it by your boss first.

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