1. John

    The Thomas Produce lot is going to be developed into a mixed use plaza that will only increase surrounding housing values! There may even be a Whole Foods there!

    • We have heard different views on this. Residents of The Oaks mostly feel it will be a detriment, and that the Whole Foods claim is a sham designed to fool people. Personally we’d love to see it developed and especially to see a Whole Foods there.

      • John

        There was a single resident in the Oaks who was actually trying to intimidate Thomas Produce into buying him out of his house at an exorbitant rate. The resident, [name omitted by editor], is a retired attorney with too much time on his hands. He alone was responsible for raising unwarranted concerns and for riling up his fellow neighbors. Regardless, the current use and appearance of that property does nothing to help the surrounding area. The constant flow of large farm trucks snarls traffic in front of Publix, there are loud noises coming from their work start/stop bells, and most of their few hundred employees consist of low-socioeconomic workers from surrounding crime-heavy cities. Here is a link to the site plan, which could only be an improvement over what is currently there: http://x.lnimg.com/attachments/00A1DC5D-CEA0-49B2-9DCA-3D9A36ADFBA0.pdf
        And a brochure:

  2. Anonymous

    Haha, nothing like paying for a million dollar house next to a farm surrounded by development. Build it already, along with the development which could have a Trader Joe’s across from the Glades Road library.

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