Inspections: Mozart Cafe Over 20 Violations

It was a pretty good week for inspections without a lot of bad news. The worst of it was Mozart Cafe off Powerline with 21 violations, 5 high priority.

  • Employee failed to wash hands before changing gloves and/or putting on gloves to work with food. – kitchen, food preparer. – dish machine operator.
  • Employee handled soiled equipment or utensils and then engaged in food preparation, handled clean equipment or utensils, or touched unwrapped single-service items without washing hands. – dishmachine be operator.
  • Potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food cold held at greater than 41 degrees Fahrenheit. FRONT COUNTER – (Sushi Display) tuna 54° hamachi 54° Krab 48° (AMBIENT TEMPERATURE 53°) Stop Sale Issued.
  • Potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) hot held at less than 135 degrees Fahrenheit or above. STEAM TABLE/BAIN MARIE (Cook Line) alfredo sauce in holding at 90° marinate sauce in holding at 88° (at 11:40am) Re-checked at 12:20pm, both at 139° **Corrected On-Site**
  • Servers handled soiled dishes or utensils and then picked up plated food, served food, or prepared a beverage without washing hands.

They had a call-back inspection the next day which still showed 8 violations including 4 high priority.
The other not-great inspections were all in Delray, including Ho Ho Chinese, The Sea Southeast Asian Bistro (on Jog near Morikami), and 4 Brothers Italian.
In the good news, the new Rappy’s Deli (on Military Trail) and Bakery of France (SW 18th) each had just one minor violation. Grand Lux (Town Center) and Thick and Thin (Sandalfoot) also did well, each with only two minor violations. Cheesecake Factory (near Town Center) had three minor violations.
Other notables include Bruce’s of Great Neck (Boca Greens) and Miller’s Ale House (Glades near Lyons), each with 7 violations, 3 high priority.
As usual our spreadsheet is below:
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