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  1. Taxpayer

    Maybe this is one of those “quick responses,” but do you expect senile old farts who shouldn’t be driving anymore, illegal foreigners who flee the scene of a crash, and of course people texting and driving, would understand a roundabouts in South Florida? For example, look no further than all the crashes which occur at Hollywood Boulevard’s roundabouts. Frankly, it wouldn’t surprise me if people overshoot the smaller type roundabout you propose with their Hummers, or go straight through somebody’s backyard based on the angle.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like roundabouts, especially at four-way intersections with no lights because people understand less who has the right of way in those cases (see Cain Boulevard), as well as where special and unique circumstances apply, like the Federal Highway and Sunrise Boulevard junction in Fort Lauderdale. However, a divided highway like Lyons Road and between two major east-west ones (Palmetto Park and Glades Roads) would never work. With a fire station down the street, do you really think they would support it?

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