Boca West Loses Motion in $500M Lawsuit

Philip Kupperman (left), Larry Corman (center) and Jerold Glassman (right). Boca West image (bottom) by Google.

The $500 million class action lawsuit against Boca West continues to fester in federal court. There’s a relatively new detail – Boca West lost on a procedural motion in late September.

We previously reported on the Boca West lawsuit in May. The plaintiffs are represented by local attorney Ron Kaniuk and are working with a specialist in class action lawsuits. Attorney Michael Braunstein handles complex consumer class action cases. He is based in New York State and they sought to have him formally “admitted” to the case in a role commonly known among attorneys as “pro hac vice” that allows attorneys to appear in cases in other states.
Boca West had opposed the pro hac vice motion claiming that he was not ethically appropriate. Magistrate Judge Hopkins ruled against Boca West.
On our read of the papers we would go further: Boca West’s opposition was laughable and bordered on frivolous. Nothing they raised came close to meeting the standard that would allow a court to deny pro hac vice admission.