1. Darrin

    Pita N Go? Had no idea it even existed? I would stick to Pita Pan in Boca Center (near Autism Thrift). The Bourekas, Spinach & Tuna Pitas are out of this world. Although the outside still looks like a Travel agency.

  2. eileen

    Cannot compare Pita Pan with Pita N Go. The latter is a restaurant (with take-out) much fresher and friendlier than Pita Pan. U can buy bags of fresh pita, salads by the pound. The meat is great too.

  3. Darrin

    While I have yet to frequent Pita ‘N Go, you have obviously never frequented Pita Pan. Otherwise, you would know that they too offer their own freshly made pita in bags. After this report, I don’t plan on doing a comparison test. eh

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