Advertise With Us

West Boca News is the best way to reach people in West Boca. We have reach, we’re growing, and we’re hyperlocal.

What do you get?

All of our plans include two Facebook posts a month. Every post gets a targeted boost with Facebook’s advertising system.

We will also occasionally include advertisers in our weekly e-mail newsletter with nearly 2000 subscribers.

Is it for you?

There are a few questions you should ask yourself before deciding if advertising with West Boca News is right for you.

Is your business in West Boca?
Are your customers mostly close to your location?

Think inside the box. Our audience is strong west of Military Trail and south of the Delray/Boca line. See the map below:

Map data by Google

If your business is inside the box and mostly draws its customers from our area, then West Boca News can be very effective at reaching your potential customers. We have 21,000 Likes on Facebook (as of May 2017) and they’re almost all here. With other publications you’re paying to reach people who are too far away.

Contact us if you’re interested: E-mail Warren or call 888-733-5299.

Can we create engaging content about your business?

Advertising with us works best when we post “engaging” content on Facebook. If photos or videos can tell your story quickly and effectively, it will work. Restaurants are a great example as we can post photos or videos of your most popular dishes. Anything related to kids or animals is likely to do well.

Are your customers mostly adult women?

Our Facebook following is two-thirds women, mostly age 25 and up.

Does exclusivity matter?

Some advertisers are happy to be included in publications that feature their competition. But we think advertisers are happier when that doesn’t happen.

We have a very limited inventory. We’re starting with only 15 advertiser slots (later we may expand to 30). If you sign up with us, we will not sell another slot to any of your competitors. Of course we’ll have to discuss what counts as competition.

Please note that certain topics are already taken: Jewelry, real estate, pest control, pool maintenance, hair salon, chiropractor and dance school. We are often in negotiations with others. If someone else gets to us first in your category, you will be left out.

We reserve the right to reject any proposed ads at our complete discretion. For example we will not accept ads for online pornography or gambling websites.