Real Estate

For help with real estate in West Boca, please see our West Boca real estate page.

In the past we tried to find real estate agents to sponsor our West Boca News real estate articles. Unfortunately we were unable to find real estate agents willing to try it (with one exception).

So our founder, Warren Redlich, took and passed the real estate exam. Read more about how Warren can help you sell your house on our West Boca real estate page.

Below is the old model we offered to agents.

We offer cost-effective way for advertising for real estate agents to reach homeowners in West Boca.

We cover five zip codes: 33428, 33498, 33496, 33434 and 33433. We write one article a month about each zip code, showing various houses that sold.

The average person spends over two-and-half minutes reading each article, and we guarantee 1000 page views (as measured by Jetpack Site Stats and Google Analytics).

What do you get?

  • Your banner ad linking to your website
  • Your name in the headline
  • Quotes from you in the article
  • Featured listing in the article

Compare what we offer with another common form of real estate ads – the large format postcards we all get in the mail. If they cost about 50 cents each between printing and postage and you mail them to 1000 people it costs you $500. How many of those people read the cards? Maybe 250 if you’re lucky. How much time do they spend reading them? Not much. Certainly not two-and-a-half minutes.

For that same $500, we’ll deliver you over 1000 readers who spend 3 minutes reading the article. Stick with us and you will get Top of Mind Awareness and be seen as the expert for the zip code you choose.

To find out more, e-mail, or call 888-733-5299.