The Redlich Law Firm

Warren and Heather Redlich founded The Redlich Law Firm in New York State back in 2003. In 2011 we moved to West Boca Raton to escape winter and we love it here.

Warren is admitted as an attorney in both New York and Florida. Heather is admitted in New York State only. We continue to handle cases in New York, but most of our work is now in Florida.

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We work from our home in West Boca Raton. Since we don’t have the pressures of fancy office space or paid staff, we are able to keep our volume low. This allows us to do excellent work on the cases we do have, maintain good communication with our clients, build West Boca News, and still spend quality time with each other and our kids.

We handle two main areas of law: Personal Injury and Criminal Defense.

Personal Injury

Within personal injury law, our focus is mostly on car, motorcycle and truck accidents. We also handle dog bite cases and some other kinds of “premises liability” where our clients were injured on someone else’s property.

To keep our caseload small we only take very good cases. This generally means clear liability (it was someone else’s fault) and serious injuries (such as broken bones, facial scarring, or surgery). We also cap our contingency fees at 33%, where some Florida attorneys charge up to 40%.

With car accidents, some attorneys focus on “PIP” (personal injury protection) claims, fighting with car insurance companies over payment for specific bills. Since we focus on high-value cases and our clients usually have health insurance, PIP claims are relatively unimportant. They’re usually capped at $10,000. We certainly help our clients to get appropriate medical care, but we don’t treat it as a source of revenue for our firm. Read this 2011 Sun Sentinel article to get a sense of how PIP claims can make more for attorneys than they do for clients. Our goal is to help our clients, and we feel that fighting over PIP claims distracts from that.

We handle personal injury cases for all of Florida as well as all of New York State.

Criminal Defense

Warren has handled a wide variety of criminal cases over the years, ranging from simple traffic tickets at the low end up to very serious violent crimes like gang assault. Most of his criminal defense work has been DUI and drug cases.

Warren’s recommended approach to DUI checkpoints and traffic stops has been recognized nationally, though with some controversy:

We handle criminal cases in the three major counties in South Florida, Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade, plus we also handle Martin County and St. Lucie County. For most cases our fees start at $5000 up front. For some cases we may require a higher up-front fee.

Our phone number is 888-733-5299, and you can e-mail us at

Warren is the author of Fair DUI: Stay safe and sane in a world gone MADD. Fair DUI is on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

In both Palm Beach County and Miami-Dade County, there are DUI diversion programs that are a smart option for most people arrested, and you generally don’t need an attorney to get into them. We handle cases where such options are either unavailable or difficult, such as:

• Not your first DUI arrest
• High blood-alcohol content
• Case involves an accident with injuries
• Arrested for DUI in Broward County
• Drivers license is from a different state
• Driver is not a US citizen
• Commercial drivers

Warren started his legal career as a trial lawyer for the Allstate Insurance Company. He handled hundreds of cases and took 35 of them to jury verdict. These cases included car, motorcycle and truck accidents, dog bites, “slip and fall” accidents.

During that three year stint he was twice named Allstate’s top trial lawyer in upstate New York, and once named their top attorney for the Northeastern United States.

On the criminal side, Warren has handled many DUI and drug cases. In 2012 he won an important appeal on a felony drug case in New York State: People v. DeYoung. Mr. DeYoung was arrested with 200 pounds of marijuana. Warren successfully fought to get him into treatment under a 2009 drug reform law. This led to a much better long-term result for our client.