Write For Us?

Every once in a while someone contacts us offering to write articles for West Boca News. We like the idea, but we can’t pay anyone and we’re picky about what we want – articles about West Boca or particularly relevant to people who live here.

We cover the West Boca Chamber and the West Boca Community Council. We’d like to cover them both better, and do more about local churches, synagogues, and other community organizations.

How about school events and sports? We try to cover the three public high schools that serve West Boca – West Boca, Olympic Heights, and Spanish River – but we’d like to do more about them. We’d like to cover what happens in the middle and elementary schools, plus area private schools.

We write about businesses opening and closing, and we do restaurant reviews. We’ve had one person submit an unsolicited restaurant review and we published it. We do cover businesses outside West Boca to some extent, but not as much and usually places that are nearby. A lot of people in West Boca go to Delray Marketplace, the Promenade in Coconut Creek, and various locations in East Boca.

We write about politics, but we try to stay focused on West Boca. Races for locally elected offices, including County Commission, State House, State Senate, and the two local congressional seats (21st and 22nd districts) fit. We cover Boca city elections because there’s a small part of West Boca (west of Jog/Powerline) that is within the city limits.

We should also be clear about what we don’t want. People have contacted us about writing articles that promote their own businesses. We did not build this site to promote other people’s businesses – we don’t even do much to promote our own law firm. We might consider an occasional sponsored article, but we’re not there yet. Sooner or later we’ll add a page about how to advertise with us and sponsored articles might be a part of that.

One local golf pro called us about writing a golf tips column. His obvious purpose was to promote his own golf lessons. We suggested that he write a series about how to play specific holes on various golf courses in West Boca. That would make it about West Boca, and it would still promote his business. It was a great idea, right? We never heard back from him. If there’s another golf pro out there who wants to give that a shot, or if you have a similar idea, let us know.

If you’re not up for writing articles but you have story ideas or tips, please send them to us.

You can reach us by e-mail at wredlich@gmail.com, by messaging us on Facebook or posting on our West Boca News Facebook Page.