Major Accident in Delray: West Boca Tesla Driver Involved

Shortly before 10:30 pm on Friday night there was a fatal accident on Linton Blvd at its intersection with Jog Road. Four vehicles and a pedestrian were involved. One of the drivers and the pedestrian were both killed. One of our readers shared this video of the scene:

According to Investigator Fazzino of the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office, a BMW convertible driven by Alan Ziperstein (age 72) was driving the wrong way on Linton, eastbound in the westbound lanes. Ziperstein, a resident of the Addison Reserve community, collided with a Jaguar driven by Victor Goo (60) of Kings Point, a Tesla driven by Arthur Sezman (76) of St. Andrews Country Club (West Boca), and a Hyundai driven by Gloria Sheehan (82), also of Kings Point.
After hitting the three vehicles, Ziperstein’s BMW continued on, striking pedestrian San Miquel Ramiro (52) of Boynton Beach, and then rolled over.
Sadly, Ziperstein was pronounced dead at the scene and Ramiro passed away at Delray Medical Center. Mr. Goo suffered critical injuries and was also taken to Delray Medical Center. Sezman and Sheehan suffered minor injuries.
We received four photos from readers at the scene:
It was unclear from the accident report as to why Ziperstein was traveling in the wrong direction and we may never know.

Luis Gonzalez-Vinces Killed in Motorcycle Accident

The Palm Beach Sheriff today reported a fatal accident in Boynton Beach. According to the report, Luis Gonzalez-Vinces, a 20-year-old from West Boca, was killed last night when his motorcycle collided with a car near the Turnpike interchange at Boynton Beach Blvd. It is our understanding that he was a graduate of Olympic Heights, though he may have gone to Spanish River.

V1 (Gonzalez-Vinces) was traveling westbound on Boynton Beach Boulevard in the 8200 block at a high rate of speed. V2 was traveling eastbound on Boynton Beach Boulevard and attempted to turn left to head north on the FL Turnpike’s southbound on ramp. The driver of V2 did not see V1 and V1 violently struck the front passenger side of V2. V1 rotated clockwise and its rear struck the passenger side rear of V2. The driver of V2 was pronounced deceased on scene by PBFR.

Gonzalez-Vinces was a resident of the 9000 block of Boca Gardens Trail. Boca Gardens is on the east side of 441 south of Clint Moore and across from Boca Chase.

9000 block of Boca Gardens Trail; image by Google
9000 block of Boca Gardens Trail; image by Google

His Luis Gonzalez Facebook page is filling up with posts from friends who have learned of his passing.
West Boca News extends our best wishes to his family and friends.
The full report from the Sheriff is below. Please note that the report incorrectly states that the driver of V2 passed away. The Sheriff’s e-mail advised of that mistake. Also the accident is indicated to have happened at 9 pm on Friday.

Motorcyclist Killed Friday on Lyons Road

A collision Friday between a 2015 Cadillac and a 2012 Yamaha motorcycle claimed the life of Ara Kamciyan (age 27). Both drivers were residents of Timbers of Boca on the west side of Lyons Road south of Glades. The accident occurred at the entrance to the development.

Lyons Road at Escondido; image and map data by Google.
Lyons Road at Escondido; image and map data by Google.

According to police report Dolores McCabe (age 72) made a left turn into the neighborhood. Kamciyan was coming the other direction (southbound). As a result of the collision his head hit her windshield, and he was not wearing a helmet.
In the police description V-1 is McCabe’s car and V-2 is Kamciyan’s motorcycle:

V-1 was northbound on Lyons Road in the left turn lane. V-2 was southbound on Lyons Road in the outside through lane. V-1 turned into the path of V-2, resulting in the front of V-2 impacting with the passenger’s side of V-1 near the front. D-2 was ejected from his vehicle and him head impacted with the front windshield before he fell to the ground. D-2 was not wearing a helmet. He was transported to Delray Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, Kamciyan co-owned a pool and spa business in Fort Lauderdale.
West Boca News reported the accident shortly after it happened on our Facebook page, thanks to a volunteer.
Ordinarily in a collision like this fault would be placed on the driver making the left turn. It is unfortunately common that drivers do not notice motorcycles. At the same time there may be other reasons the accident happened. The police report does not indicate fault.
On the legal side, Florida law is quirky when it comes to wrongful death cases. It may be difficult for the family to recover.

Update on Wiles Road Crash

Additional Update – Driver identified
BSO has provided additional information on the crash last night:

The driver who was killed Monday night after losing control of his vehicle and hitting a utility pole on Wiles Road has been identified as 20-year-old Jeffery Ramaglia of Coconut Creek.
Just after 9 p.m., Ramaglia was driving a Lexus IS 350 eastbound on Wiles Road at an extremely high rate of speed. Witnesses told Broward Sheriff’s Office’s traffic homicide investigators that he swerved to avoid hitting another vehicle that was going the speed limit. The Lexus rotated, slid sideways into the median and rolled over on its roof. It continued sliding across westbound lanes for more than 600 feet and collided with a utility pole on the north side of the road. Ramaglia was not wearing a seatbelt and was thrown from the vehicle.


The Broward Sheriff’s Office updated us on the accident last night on Wiles Road. The driver did pass away. He has not been identified yet.
A reader also sent us this video from the scene:

Date: Aug. 10, 2015
Time: 9:05 p.m.
Place of Occurrence: 4200 block of N.W. 48 St. (Wiles Road), unincorporated Pompano Beach
Driver(s): adult male, name withheld (DECEASED)

A driver lost his life Monday night after losing control of his vehicle and hitting a utility pole. Speed may be a factor in the Broward Sheriff’s Office’s ensuing traffic homicide investigation.
The driver was heading east on Wiles Road at 9:05 p.m. when, for reasons as yet unknown, he lost control of his dark-colored sedan and drove over the median, flipped and hit a utility pole. The driver was thrown from the car, which then caught fire. Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue extinguished the fire and pronounced the driver dead on scene.
Debris from the crash hit another vehicle, but its occupants were uninjured.
Traffic homicide detectives continue the investigation.

Rollover on Riverside Near Glades

Early this afternoon Palm Beach County Fire Rescue reported a rollover accident at Glades and Riverside.
We were able to get to the scene, which was actually 100 to 200 yards south of Glades.

When we first arrived at the scene there were quite a few people standing on the east side of the roadway amidst a few rescue vehicles. Looking from the north (Glades Road), the rollover was not visible.
We were able to get to the scene a bit later coming from the south and got a better view of the vehicle. A crane was getting ready to “right” what appeared to be a large Ford pickup or SUV. Our best guess is a full size pickup with a crew cab, possibly an F-250.
It looked like they were working on draining fluids from the vehicle before bringing the truck back onto its wheels.
With a close-up look you can see severe damage to the windshield.
Unfortunately we do not have more details at this time and we don’t expect to get any. Florida’s law on accident reports prevents us from getting a copy of any report for 60 days because we are not a print publication. If that bothers you please tell your state representatives that the world of news has changed. We have already contacted State Rep. Kevin Rader, but it wouldn’t hurt if some readers contacted him as well.

79-Year-Old in Critical Condition After Lyons Road Accident

We have learned some details about a serious accident that happened Saturday afternoon on Lyons Road near SW 14th Street. This is the intersection where Lyons meets the entrances to Crescent Lakes (on the east side) and Patios of Boca (west).

View northbound on Lyons looking at intersection with SW 14th.
View northbound on Lyons looking at intersection with SW 14th.

One of the drivers, 79-year-old Philip Eckstein of Crescent Lakes was critically injured when his car collided with another car driven by Jordan Trouf (29).
The Sheriff’s report appears to place blame on Mr. Trouf, though the facts indicate Trouf had right of way. In the image at top of this article Trouf placed the blame on Eckstein in a post on his Facebook page.
Trouf was also injured as was Eckstein’s wife and passenger, Joan (75). All three were taken to Delray Medical Center.
According to the Sheriff’s report:

V1 [Eckstein] was traveling southbound on Lyons Road and began turning left onto SW 14th Street. V2 [Trouf] was traveling northbound on Lyons Road and was approaching SW 14th Street and V1. As the driver of V1 turned, he was unaware of the impending danger from V2, which was being driven faster than the 40 mph speed limit. During the crash, the front of V2 impacted into the right front of V1. Both vehicles were redirected onto the northeast shoulder of the intersection. The three parties were all transported to Delray Medical Center for medical treatment. The driver of V1 remains in critical condition.
Alcohol and narcotic impairment is considered a factor in the actions of the driver of V2 and toxicology is pending.

It is unclear from the report how the investigating deputy could know Trouf’s speed. The allegation of impairment is often made but difficult for the prosecution to prove. Also typical in these reports, it is unclear whether any of the occupants were wearing seatbelts.
Update: One of our readers pointed out another Facebook post Trouf made, which looks like it was roughly 12 hours before the accident:
He described himself as too tired to drive home and was considering sleeping in his car.
Earlier that night he noted that others were partying and he’d been working:
That seems to go against the police theory that he was impaired by alcohol or narcotics.
As one of Trouf’s friends suggested in a comment on his post, he would be well advised to get a good lawyer who can handle both the criminal defense and personal injury issues that he will be facing.
The Sheriff’s brief report on the accident is below, with certain details omitted by us:
[gview file=””]

Multi-Car Crash on Palmetto Park: Photos & Video

Earlier today there was a major accident on Palmetto Park Road, between Lyons Road and Boca Rio, just west of the Turnpike bridge. Official reports on the 8000 block or near 8300 West Palmetto Park. Our best estimate of the time was sometime around 6:15 or 6:20 pm. It was definitely before 6:30 but we’re not sure how much earlier.

Several readers sent us photos from the scene and two sent us videos, which we have put together into one video, below:

We enhanced the lighting and color in most of the photos.
We were told this was a four-car crash but as we look at the photos and video we think at least five cars were involved. We count four in the middle of the roadway and one on the side of the road (the first one visible in the video, and also below).
Despite the tremendous damage we see to the vehicles it is our understanding at this moment that none of the occupants were killed.
We did hear from a reliable source that 7 patients were transported to area hospitals.
The accident was identified as a “Mass Casualty Incident Level 1” which is actually the lowest level of such incidents, with 5-10 patients. Level 2 MCIs involve 11-20 patients and it goes up from there.
Of course this incident had a major impact on traffic on Palmetto Park Road and nearby roads as well including Lyons. We hope to update readers in the near future with details about what actually happened.

Boca High Grad Killed in Motorcycle Accident

Seth Dierksen
Seth Dierksen

An early morning motorcycle accident on Spanish River Blvd claimed the life of Boca High graduate Seth Dierksen, age 22. From the report it appears to have been near the entrance to the FAU campus at roughly 4 am this morning.

From the Boca Raton Police Department:
Officers with the Boca Raton Police Department’s Traffic Homicide Unit are investigating a fatal crash, which happened this morning at 3:57 a.m., in the 800 block of NW Spanish River Boulevard.
The operator of a 2011 Kawasaki motorcycle was traveling east on NW Spanish River Boulevard when he collided with a 2007 International 18-wheeler truck. The operator of the motorcycle died at the scene.
If you have information about this crash, please call Traffic Homicide Investigator Michael Daly at (561) 620-6081.
2011 Kawasaki Motorcycle:
Seth Clayton Dierksen
22 years old
Boca Raton, FL
Injury: Fatal
2007 International Truck:
William Grinslade
43 years old
Winter Haven, FL
Injury: None

Spanish River Grad Killed in Car Accident

The Palm Beach Sheriff reports that Jennifer “Jenn” Franciscus (32) passed away after an early morning car crash on Powerline south of Camino Real.
Ms. Franciscus was a graduate of Spanish River High. She also attended Palm Beach State and worked in the past as a medical receptionist and medical billing professional. She resided in Newport Bay Club off Jog Road north of Clint Moore.
From the Sheriff:

Narrative: V1 was traveling northbound in the inside lane of Powerline Road just north of SW 18th Street in unincorporated Boca Raton. For unknown reasons V1 struck the center median multiple times before driving up and onto the center median with its driver’s side tires. V1 continued north with its driver’s side tires in the grass and passenger side tires on the roadway. V1 veered further onto the median and struck a tree that was located in the center of the median. D1 was transported Delray Medical Center where she later died.

Friends of Ms. Franciscus expressed their grief on her Facebook page:

Car vs. Pole on US-441: Video and Photos

All photos and video copyright Warren Redlich, West Boca News. Media may use if credit given to or @WestBocaNews.
All photos and video copyright Warren Redlich, West Boca News. Media may use if credit given to or @WestBocaNews.

This afternoon we were alerted to an accident on 441 south of Kimberly Blvd, with indications that a car had hit a pole and the pole was on the roof of the car.
We were able to get to the scene for photos and video. At top is a wide angle view of the scene looking toward the south at northbound traffic. The car apparently hit one of the light poles on the northbound side of the road, well off the roadway. Below is a somewhat closer look at the area.
The Palm Beach Sheriff and FPL were both on scene. Fire Rescue had already left.
There was substantial damage to the car, including both the front end and the roof.
The pole was dislodged from its base and you can see it laying on the ground below.
Our video from the scene is below. We did not hear any report of injuries one way or another.