Recent Homes Sold in Boca Greens and Boca Isles

33498Homes in the 33498 zip code are located north of Glades Road, and west of 441. Neighborhoods within this region include Mission Bay, Island Lakes, Boca Isles, Boca Greens, Saturnia, Lakes of Boca Raton, Boca Chase, and Stonebridge. The schools in this area have an excellent reputation and the area has one of the lowest crime rates in Palm Beach County. In addition, there are many unique attractions both nearby and within, such as South County Regional Park.
Boca Greens is a gated community of almost 600 homes located west of 441, one mile north of Glades Road. The community features a golf course and membership opportunities in the Boca Greens Country Club. Students attend Eagles Landing Middle School and Olympic Heights Community High School.

10247 Crosswind Road; Map data and image by Google
10247 Crosswind Road; Map data and image by Google

The contemporary home at 10247 Crosswind Road was sold for $415,000. It has 4 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms in 2295 sq. feet of living space. It is located on the lake and has an inground pool. The home has lots of upgrades and a fireplace. There is an attached 2 car garage. Built in 1980, it previously sold for $217,000 in 1989.
19840 Sedgefield Terrace sold for $410,000. It has 3 bedrooms and 2.1 bathrooms in 2340 sq. feet of living space.
Boca Isles North and South are gated communities with bike and jogging paths and they’re popular with families. Each community has a large clubhouse with meeting rooms and billiards. There are state of the art exercise rooms, basketball courts, playgrounds and tennis courts. There is also a large pool and spa.
19225 Cloister Lake Lane; image and map data by Google
19225 Cloister Lake Lane; image and map data by Google

The Mediterranean home at 19225 Cloister Lake Lane sold for $610,000. This beautiful home has 5 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms in 3300 sq. feet of living space. The kitchen was remodeled to include Saturnia marble floors, new appliacnces, granite counter tops and tumbled marble backsplash. The home is on a private preserve lot with a resort style pool. It was previously purchased in 1998 for $295,000 and built in 1994.
10576 St. Thomas Drive sold for $400,000. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms in 2118 sq. feet of living space.
19650 Black Olive Lane sold for $470,000. It has 4 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms in 2676 sq. feet of living space.
10528 Maple Chase Drive sold for $490,000. It has 4 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms in 2660 sq. feet of living space.
10794 Maple Chase Drive sold for $460,000. It has 4 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms in 2660 sq. feet of living space.
10857 Japonica Court sold for $590,000. It has 5 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms in 2805 sq. feet of living space.
19409 Black Olive Lane sold for $530,000. It has 4 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms in 2820 sq. feet of living space.
10768 Tea Olive Lane sold for $450,000. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms in 2118 sq. feet of living space.
10799 Tea Olive Lane sold for $425,000. It has 4 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms in 2325 sq. feet of living space.
19184 Cloister Lake Lane sold for $650,000. It has 5 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms in 2968 sq. feet of living space.
Map from
Map from

The Saturnia neighborhood is wonderful for families and offers a 24 hour guarded gate, clubhouse, pool and spa. It also has basketball and tennis courts, and a fitness center. Students attend the highly regarded Eagles Landing Middle School and Olympic Heights High School, though some go to other area schools. There are HOA fees.
11849 Preservation Lane; image and map data by Google
11849 Preservation Lane; image and map data by Google

11849 Preservation Lane sold for $578,184. It has 5 bedrooms and 4 full bathrooms in 4086 sq. feet of living space.
19572 Havensway Court sold for $750,000. It has 5 bedrooms and 4 full bathrooms in 3708 sq. feet of living space.
19233 Skyridge Court sold for $540,000. It has 4 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms in 2741 sq. feet of living space.
19197 Skyridge Circle sold for $585,000. It has 5 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms in 3301 sq. feet of living space.
19577 Havensway Court sold for $750,000. It has 5 bedrooms and 4 full bathrooms in 3611 sq. feet of living space.
The Shores is a gated community on the north side of Yamato across from South County Regional Park.
18648 Ocean Mist Drive; image and map data by Google
18648 Ocean Mist Drive; image and map data by Google

18648 Ocean Mist Drive sold for $482,500. It has 4 bedrooms and 2.1 bathrooms in 2778 sq. feet of living space.
11175 Sea Grass Circle sold for $447,500. It has 4 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms in 2615 sq. feet of living space.

Closings: Shorty's BBQ and GBS Beauty

Two businesses closed recently in West Boca, both off of 441. The most prominent is Shorty’s BBQ which was located in The Reserve shopping center on the southeast corner of Clint Moore and 441, near Ben’s Deli, Villa Rosano and Tempura House. We had been there a couple times and liked it, but somehow we didn’t make it back there that often.
There has been no official announcement but a couple of our readers contacted the Miami location and were told the closing is permanent. We don’t know for sure but we suspect that the success of Sweet Dewey’s BBQ (one of our favorite places to eat) cut into Shorty’s business.
Also, GBS Beauty in Boca Greens (west side of 441, halfway between Yamato and Glades) closed. The following message was on the door:
The remaining store on St. Andrews is still in what we consider West Boca since we draw the line at Military Trail.

Hit and Run at 441 & Kimberly? Victim Identiified

Late last night we learned there had been a serious accident at the intersection of 441 and New England, which is between Glades and Yamato at the north end of Boca Greens plaza.

The initial report we had just before 11:30 pm was:

New England Blvd & State Road 7 — PBCFR station 54 on-scene of a motorcyclist hit by a van that fled the scene, advising Priority-1 Trauma Alert to Delray Medical Center by ground, suspect vehicle is a silver van Hispanic male driver — Tac 4A

Shortly thereafter we had an update:

State Road 7 will be shut down, both directions, from Yamato Rd to Kimberly Blvd for a couple hours at least, for an active Traffic Homicide Investigation

This morning we received an update from the Sheriff. Their report did not mention the van or anything else about a hit and run.

V-1 was westbound on New England Boulevard, approaching US Highway 441 in the right turn lane. V-1 made a heavy braking application before reaching the intersection, which resulted in the vehicle overturning onto its right side. The motorcycle slid through the intersection on its side and came to rest on the west side of US 441, within the westbound lanes of Boca Green (Entrance to a gas station). The operator of the motorcycle was not wearing a helmet and was ejected from the motorcycle. He was transported to Delray Medical Center for treatment.

New England is the north side of Boca Greens plaza, and it is where the gas station is located.
They did identify the motorcycle driver as James Andrew Bishop, age 20, a resident of The Colony in Delray Beach. He is an Olympic Heights graduate.

James Andrew Bishop
James Andrew Bishop

Friends of Mr. Bishop gave us an update on his injuries:

He’s in the Trauma ICU at the Delray Medical Center in critical condition. Skull fractures and a few other head injuries.

Note that the PBSO report indicated Mr. Bishop was in serious condition, rather than critical.
There are a couple of discrepancies in the story that we can’t resolve at this point. We checked with our contact at PBSO who had also initially heard about a van leaving the scene and did not know why it’s not in the report. The way the report is written suggests that there was no van involved.
We’re not sure why but we see a lot of accidents in this area. Last May there was another motorcycle accident there. And there was a fatal accident very close to this in the southbound lanes in August.
Just north of this at Yamato there was a rollover accident in November.

Deals on Deva Curls Hair Care Products: West Boca Stores and Online

hairLast year, I took my daughter to Curls Rock Hair Studio in Boca Raton and discovered DevaCurl. DevaCurl makes hair products for girls and women with curly hair. This wonderful product really enhanced her curls and cut down on the frizz. Her hair has never looked better! Unfortunately, these hair products are not cheap.
Luckily I discovered that Amazon is selling the 32 oz size for under $30. Other DevaCurl products are also being sold at very good discounts.

In comparison, Sephora sells a 12 oz bottle of the no poo conditioning cleanser for $20 and the 32 oz bottle for $40.  Ulta, located at 9882 Glades Road (Westwinds of Boca, near DSW), sells the same product for $19.95 and $39.95. Harmon Face Values, located in Boca Greens Shopping Center, also sells DevaCurl products. The price is the same as Ulta but you can use a 20% Bed, Bath & Beyond coupon.
If you have curly hair, I highly recommend these products! The Amazon deal is particularly good if you have Amazon Prime’s free shipping.

West Boca Shooting: Details and Photos

Sunday there were reports of a shooting in the Boca Fontana neighborhood, on the 7600 block of Majorca Place. This area is east of 441 on the south side of Kimberly (between Yamato and Glades), and not far from Boca Greens, Southwinds Golf Course and Olympic Heights High School.

Details from official sources are limited, and the people involved aren’t talking. The official story so far is that a resident was confronted by robbers and used a pistol in self defense, accidentally hitting a neighbor in the process. Oddly some of the reports identify the shooter as the “victim.”
We went to the scene Monday afternoon. As you can see in the picture on top, the media was there. This was well over 12 hours after the shooting, and nothing was going on.
One notable detail is a bullet hole in the neighbor’s house:
The following photo gives a better feel for the scene, with the shooter’s home to the right and the neighbor’s house across the street on the far left:
The two houses are mirror-image single floor models even with a similar color scheme. The bullet hole is in the vertical blue stripe between the garage and the front door, a few feet above the horizontal stripe and a few feet below the roof line.
Considering the height of the bullet hole, it would appear that the shooter fired at least two rounds, and not very accurately. It is possible that one of the rounds hit one of the robbers, though we haven’t heard anything further. Reports indicate the robbers got away.
We believe we have identified the shooter, a 72-year-old man who runs a business out of the home. We are not publishing his name yet because the Sheriff has expressed concerns that the robbers might target him. Similarly the shooting victim has not been named, though we understand he is in his 30s, married with a young child (note the toy near the front door). The property is owned by an investor group that acquired it in 2013 and owns at least one other house on the street. It was rented out in December of 2013, though one source tells us the shooting victim is a new tenant so the 2013 tenant may have been replaced.
The shooter’s house is owned by another 70+ woman who appears to have immigrated from Japan many years ago. Their relationship is unclear but they’ve both been in this house for a long time. We see no criminal history for the shooter, other than a few minor traffic tickets.
One story we’ve heard is that the shooter was coming home from some kind of event, perhaps a jewelry show. He does own a business that would fit with going to jewelry shows, though we can’t find any record of such an event that day. In this version of events, the “bad guys” followed him home to rob him, and he defended himself.
We can’t say this version of events is false of course. But we should also recognize that this area has some crime, as you can see in the crime map below (showing more than 10 burglaries, along with thefts, car break-ins and more reported from March 1 through April 6):
Also, the story does not seem consistent with how the Sheriff initially reported the story:
A later version we heard from the Sheriff was a little closer:

Victim was returning home from work when he was approached by unknown suspects. In an attempt to protect himself he armed himself with a handgun. During the course of the attempted robbery the victim discharged his firearm. Gunfire accidently struck a nearby neighbor.

The shooting is shown on the lower left of that image, marked in the assault category with the word shooting in the description. Note that the alleged robbery is not included in the crime map data. Zip code 33434 has a very low crime rate but that is mainly because it includes the gated and mostly senior communities of Century Village and Boca West.
A shooter in cases like this will often be prosecuted, at least for negligence in how he handled his firearm if not for something more serious. In firearms training one learns not only to be sure of your target but also to know what’s behind your target. Keep in mind that Palm Beach County voted heavily Democrat in the last four or five presidential elections, and our county prosecutor went after retired dentist Wayne Tover in a shooting incident on Glades Road where Tover actually hit his target. The fact that this shooter is being treated differently makes us wonder if he has connections to police or others in government.
The Boca Fontana shooter is also likely to face a civil suit from his neighbor, and that looks like a strong case for the shooting victim. It shouldn’t be too hard to find a lawyer to take that case.
Fortunately for all involved the shooting victim appears to be recovering well.

3 New Gyms in West Boca and Parkland

There are three new gyms opening off 441 in and near West Boca. Yesterday we popped in to see the new Crossfit West Boca, in Boca Greens Plaza. It’s toward the north end of the plaza near Bruce’s of Great Neck.
Crossfit seems to inspire a following, as can be seen in this interview with Jordan Nicolosi.

Jordan Nicolosi

Crossfit seems to be the high end of the spectrum of private gyms, with unlimited coached group training included and a cost of $150 per month or more. Nicolosi told us they’re offering a pre-registration special right now at only $59 for the first month and $125/month after that. They’ve had their soft opening already with a grand opening planned on October 4th. Hours are 5:30 – 10:30 am and 4:30 – 8:30 pm weekdays with more limited hours on weekends. Classes are an hour long.
The interior is definitely a different look from other gyms we’ve seen:
They also have a kids room in the back where members can leave their kids during workouts.
On the less expensive side Youfit West Boca will be opening any day now in Sandalfoot Square (near Western Beef). The “standard” membership is $10/month. A “lime” membership at $19.99/month includes some additional privileges like half-price beverages and access to other Youfit locations. They’re offering a $1 signup for those joining before the opening.
Competing on the same rough price level as Youfit is Crunch Parkland, which will be opening on the west side of 441 a little north of Hillsborough in the Riverstone Shoppes plaza. Their base membership is $9.95/month with a $30 fee to enroll, and their pre-opening deal is 25% off that enrollment fee. For $19.95/month there’s no enrollment fee and you get more privileges. There may also be an additional $40 annual fee but that wasn’t clear from the website. West Boca Chamber members are eligible for discounts as well.
Update on that from Crunch Parkland:

I just saw the post regarding the new gyms in the area and wanted to send you some corrections on the information you reported for our facility. Our enrollment fee is normally $40 on either membership. It is currently 25% off (which brings it to $30) for the $9.95/month Base membership. We are currently waiving the enrollment fee for the $19.95/month Peak membership which includes group classes, it allows you to bring a guest for free during every visit, ability to use all of our franchise locations nationwide, free hydromassage, and free tanning. Like Youfit and other low cost gyms, our memberships carry an annual club maintenance fee of $39.99. For your convenience, I also attached a picture of the facility.

House Fire in Boca Greens

Thanks to our readers and Palm Beach County Alerts for information about this morning’s house fire in Boca Greens Country Club.

***WEST BOCA*** Residential Fire — 19661 Sea Pines Way (Boca Greens CC) — E51 onscene of a 1-story house, advising heavy fire blowing thru the roof, starting fire attack and searches, per neighbors the house is unoccupied, E54 plugging the hydrant — Tac 7A

As best we can tell, the fire may have been started by a lightning strike around 3 am. The “whole back of the house caught fire” and “the back of the roof caved in.”
Fortunately no one was in the house and no injuries have been reported. Property appraiser records show the 2000 square foot home was purchased in June for $257K. The new owner’s mailing address is an apartment in New York City
As always we and our readers appreciate Palm Beach County Fire Rescue for their quick and thorough response.

Victim Identified in 441 Crash: Abby Bard

PBSO has identified the individuals involved in last night’s crash on US-441 south of Yamato Road. Abby Bard (63) was driving a Volkswagen Jetta, traveling northbound in the southbound lanes not far from her home in Boca Chase. She was pronounced dead at the scene by Palm Beach County Fire Rescue.
Bard had a history of volunteering at the Tri-County Animal Rescue, as can be seen in the photo below from 2011.
On the dark side, Ms. Bard did have a 2012 arrest for DUI causing injury and served a term of probation as a result of that incident. The report from PBSO does not address toxicology so we can’t know yet if alcohol was a factor in this incident.
The other driver, Daniel Mixa (28, Lake Worth) was seriously injured and taken to Delray Medical Center.
Investigator Klepping of the Vehicle Homicide Unit described the accident as follows in his initial report:

… V1 [Bard] was traveling northbound in the second to the inside travel lane of southbound [441]. V2 [Mixa] was traveling southbound in the second to the inside travel lane … behind another vehicle. The vehicle in front of [Mixa] abruptly veered to the inside lane. [Mixa] was directly in the path of [Bard]. The front of V1 made contact with the front of V2 in a violent head-on collision. Both vehicles came to an immediate stop, rising off the ground and ultimately coming to rest at the point of collision. The operator of V1 was pronounced deceased on the scene by palm Beach County Fire Rescue. D2 was ultimately transported to Delray Medical Center in serious condition.
***** Next of Kin HAS been notified *****

Put another way, it appears that Mixa was behind another vehicle. That vehicle saw Bard coming and swerved to avoid her. Mixa had little or no time to react, and couldn’t see her coming earlier because the vehicle in front of him obscured his view.
Since publishing our story a family member of Bard contacted us and told us that they were not notified of the incident before the PBSO release.
Update from a reader:

I wanted to give you an update regarding your news story on the crash on 441 and New England. I was there and witnessed the entire accident. The gold car was speeding into the oncoming traffic dodging a few cars before he smacked into the young boy’s blue car head on. It was the person in the gold car that was dead on the scene. A cop was on the scene seconds after the crash occurred.

Regardless of the cause of the incident, Ms. Bard’s passing is a loss to her family and friends.

Recent Home Sales in 33498

33498The following homes sold in late May/early June in the 33498 zip code.
This area encompasses homes west of US-441 and north of Glades Road. As we’ve previously reported, 33498 has one of the lowest crime rates in West Boca and Palm Beach County.
Neighborhoods in the zip code include Mission Bay, Island Lakes, Boca Isles, Boca Greens, Saturnia, Lakes of Boca Raton, Boca Chase, Stonebridge and a few others.

20433sanrafaelct20422 San Rafael Ct, located in The Isles of Mission Bay, sold for $475,000. This single family home has four bedrooms, three full baths and a screened-in pool. The home is 2,505 square feet.

10339 Islander Drive
10339 Islander Drive

A single family home at 10339 Islander Drive, near the intersection of Yamato Road and Cain Blvd, sold for $300,000. The property in Amber Bay originally sold for $143,300 in 1987. This three bedroom, 2.5 bathroom house has 2,046 square feet.

19281cloisterlake19281 Cloister Lake Ln in Boca Isles North sold for $525,000 on June 5, 2014. Located on .38 acres, this 5 bedroom home has 3 full bathrooms. Built in 1994, it has 2,805 square feet. Originally purchased for $229,00, it was again sold in 2003 for $430,000.

20058oceankeyOver in Boca Isles South, 20058 Ocean Key Drive sold for $604,000 on May 30, 2014. The Grand Cayman V model has 4 bedrooms plus a den and 3 full bathrooms. The 2,805 square foot home was built in 1995 and purchase for $296,000. It also boasts beautiful lake views and a resort style pool and spa with a built in outdoor kitchen.

10146freshmeadowln10146 Fresh Meadow Lane, located in Boca Greens, sold for $439,000 on June 11, 2014. This 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath home overlooks the pool and golf course. It has a two car garage and 2,657 square feet.

11348islandlakesLocated in Island Lakes in Loggers Run, 11348 Island Lakes Lane sold for $475,000. This 4 bedroom ranch home has 3 full bathrooms and an in-ground pool with a waterfall. The home is 2,726 square feet.

10586stonebridgeLastly, 10586 Stonebridge Blvd in the gated community Stonebridge sold for $350,000. This courtyard pool home has 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and an upgraded kitchen. It was originally purchased in 1995 for $444,500.

New Homes on Golf Courses in West Boca?

Golf communities in West Boca are looking to add more homes. In January we wrote about the ongoing effort in Boca Del Mar to build on the defunct Mizner Trail golf course. Now there are two more in the works.
Boca Greens, on the west side of 441 between Glades and Yamato, is working with the county to try to add over sixty townhouses on roughly twenty acres of land currently used for their golf course and for other green space.
At the same time Boca Dunes (west side of Lyons, north of SW 18th) has a bigger plan to build nearly 250 townhouses on their golf course.
If all of these go through, in addition to the 237 units at the Sinai Residences on the Jewish Federation campus (south side of Glades at between 441 and Lyons) and 120 units in Akoya at Boca West, it would mean well over 1000 new homes in West Boca Raton.
Boca Greens on map:

There has been some public concern about all of this building, such as United Boca Del Mar against the Mizner Trail project, but the West Boca Community Council has so far been pretty quiet about it. Typical objections might relate to traffic, especially on Glades Road, Lyons Road the related intersections, and that most of these units might push down area home values.
Boca Dunes on map:

At the same time the proposals could be viewed as a positive sign of health for the West Boca economy and a boost to local businesses.
What do our readers think? Please let us know in your comments on this post or on our West Boca News Facebook page.