Sandalfoot Woman Arrested in Fatal Crash

Laura Haggerty; image by PBSO
Laura Haggerty; image by PBSO

The Broward Sheriff’s Office issued a press release regarding the arrest of a Sandalfoot woman from a fatal crash that occurred on Loxahatchee Road in Parkland back in May:

Broward Sheriff’s Office traffic homicide investigators have arrested a Boca Raton woman who killed her passenger in a single-vehicle crash on Mother’s Day in Parkland.
Laura Haggerty, 47, was taken into custody Sept. 30 with the help of the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office. She faces two DUI/Manslaughter charges and one charge of vehicular homicide.
Around 4 p.m. May 8, Kelly Rider, 35, was a passenger in a Ford Explorer that was heading eastbound on Loxahatchee Road. Laura Haggerty was behind the wheel. Haggerty lost control of the vehicle near the 12200 block when her SUV drifted off the road. Haggerty overcorrected, causing the vehicle to veer across the roadway and collide with the guardrail on the north side of the street. The SUV then began to spin in a counterclockwise motion, before rolling over.
Rider, who wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, was ejected. Coral Springs Fire Department pronounced him dead at the scene. BSO Air Rescue transported Haggerty to Broward Health North.
According to BSO detectives, she was speeding and driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.25.

The BSO report indicates that both Haggery and Rider lived at the same address on Sailfish Road in Watergate Estates, just north of the west stretch of Sandalfoot Blvd.

Photo of Rider and Haggerty from Rider's Facebook page.
Photo of Rider and Haggerty from Rider’s Facebook page.

Book Review: Wherever There Is Light

I had the opportunity to read an advance copy of a new book, Wherever There Is Light, by author Peter Golden. The book will be released in a few days, but you can pre-order on Amazon now.
Many of our local readers will appreciate how much of the story takes place in South Florida as well as the New York metropolitan area (especially parts of New Jersey).
The characters are richly portrayed and the story is captivating. It covers a lot of ground, both literally and figuratively. Just on geography they move around: Florida, New Jersey, Greenwich Village, Harlem, Paris, and Germany. With ideas it gets into art, music, business, philosophy, war, the Holocaust, race relations, family, love and more.
Central to the story are Julian and Kendall. Julian is a powerful Jewish man who has lived through difficult times and horrible loss. He’s the kind of guy you go to when you need to get something done, or perhaps undone.
Kendall, a black woman, is smart, thoughtful, and artistically gifted. They operate on different planes, yet somehow they connect. Except when they don’t.
The ending is brilliant. You won’t believe it.
Golden previously wrote his first novel, Comeback Love, and is known as well for significant non-fiction works such as Quiet Diplomat.
There’s something special about the way the best authors write. The reader can feel the author’s voice. You can tell Golden isn’t just spitting out words, but rather that he treats writing as a craft.

Date: Aug. 10, 2015
Time: 9:05 p.m.
Place of Occurrence: 4200 block of N.W. 48 St. (Wiles Road), unincorporated Pompano Beach
Driver(s): adult male, name withheld (DECEASED)

A driver lost his life Monday night after losing control of his vehicle and hitting a utility pole. Speed may be a factor in the Broward Sheriff’s Office’s ensuing traffic homicide investigation.
The driver was heading east on Wiles Road at 9:05 p.m. when, for reasons as yet unknown, he lost control of his dark-colored sedan and drove over the median, flipped and hit a utility pole. The driver was thrown from the car, which then caught fire. Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue extinguished the fire and pronounced the driver dead on scene.
Debris from the crash hit another vehicle, but its occupants were uninjured.
Traffic homicide detectives continue the investigation.

Brazen Robbery in Pembroke Park: Video

Normally we don’t cover Broward County events but this one has such a compelling video we thought our readers might want to see it.
From the Broward Sheriff:
Employees and customers of a Pembroke Park cell phone store were shocked when two masked men rushed in armed with an assault rifle.
At 1:25 p.m. on July 1, three suspects drove up to the Metro PCS store in Pembroke Park. They parked a grey or dark-colored 2010 to 2014 Nissan Maxima in front of the store. The driver remained in the car, but two men got out and ran into the store. Both men covered their faces, and one of them carried a black semi-automatic assault rifle with a scope in his right hand.

Editor’s note: There is no such thing as a “semi-automatic assault rifle.” Assault rifles, by definition, are capable of fully automatic fire.

The two men entered the store screaming, “Give me the register.” They pointed the rifle at the victims and ordered the three employees and four customers, including a baby, not to move. The employees quickly handed the robbers three cash drawers.

Detectives are searching for a male, approximately 6’ tall with a very thin build. He used a black T-shirt to cover his face. He wore a black T-shirt and light-colored pants. He carried a black semi-automatic assault rifle in his right hand. The second suspect is a male, approximately 5’8” with a thin build. He wore a black or dark grey shirt with grey pants.
Anyone with information is asked to call Det. Theophilus Woulard at (954) 321-4553 or report anonymous tips to Crime Stoppers of Broward County at (954) 493-TIPS (8477) or online at Crime Stoppers will pay up to $3,000 for information that leads to an arrest.

West Boca Man Killed in Flaming Car Accident

Hernando “Joe” Nieto (46) has been identified as the man who was killed in an early-morning pickup truck fire. The accident occurred on Powerline Road just south of the county line in Deerfield Beach.
Mr. Nieto’s reported address is in the Banyan Lake community off Boca Rio, only a couple miles from the accident location. The accident led police to block southbound travel on Powerline from SW 18th for several hours.

Image from Google
Image from Google

From Broward Sheriff’s Office:

An early morning crash in Deerfield Beach left one man dead after his car jumped the curb and struck a tree in the median, bursting into flames.
Broward Sheriff’s Office Communications received the call around 3 a.m. Hernando Nieto was heading north in the 600 block of Powerline Road when he somehow lost control of the vehicle causing the accident. A visual inspection of Nieto’s black pickup and the scene revealed no signs that any other vehicles were involved in the crash. Nieto was unable to escape the burning vehicle.
Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue extinguished the fire and pronounced him dead at the scene.
BSO Traffic Homicide detectives are investigating.

Photo from BSO
Photo from BSO

We see no meaningful criminal history for Mr. Nieto in the three counties.

Arrest Report: Child Porn and a Little Person Hit for Big Theft

Patricia Godley (upper left), Brian Jackson (upper right), Morgan Murphy (bottom left) and Daniel Saull (bottom right)
Patricia Godley (upper left), Brian Jackson (upper right), Morgan Murphy (bottom left) and Daniel Saull (bottom right)

There were four notable arrests recently. The two men on the right are facing child pornography charges. Brian Jackson (34) was arrested on 15 counts of possession of child pornography. He was previously arrested in 2010 on felony drug charges which were dropped by prosecutors. He remains in custody at this writing with $5000 bond for each count, making total bond $75K. Mr. Jackson’s reported address is just east of Boca Regional Hospital, but the arrest was by PBSO suggesting that it may have happened in West Boca or another area of the county.
The second child porn case involves Mr. Daniel Saull (41), reportedly a resident of Coral Springs and a youth baseball coach in the Boca city league. From the Broward Sheriff:

Saull downloaded child pornography from internet sites and saved them on to flash drives. In his home, investigators found videos and pictures of mostly female children ranging in age from one to 12 years old engaging in sexual activity with adults and other children.
During a search of the home, investigators found cannabis and two glass pipes containing cannabis residue. Saull is facing 24 counts of possession of child pornography, as well as charges for compile computer pornography, possession of cannabis and possession of drug paraphernalia. Several electronic devises were seized from Saull’s home and will undergo forensic exams which may result in additional charges.

Broward records are harder to read but Saull has retained a private attorney and bonded out. His next court date is in mid-April.

Patricia Godley - from Facebook
Patricia Godley – from Facebook

Patricia Godley (28) is a little person accused of grand theft of a vehicle. We see four previous mostly minor criminal cases from 2005 to 2012 including three in Palm Beach County and one in Broward. In a 2007 battery case it appears she did just short of one month in jail. She was arrested Wednesday morning and released that evening. Her reported address is near Palmetto Park and Boca Rio.
And last for this report we have Morgan Murphy (46), a resident of Sandalfoot Cove near Boca Dunes. His latest case involves an alleged June incident involving grand theft, fraud and dealing in stolen property. A warrant was issued in December and he was arrested on that warrant a few days ago. Mr. Murphy has quite a history including:

2001 felony grand theft motor vehicle – probation
2005 DWLS 30 days jail
2008 felony grand theft motor vehicle – mostly dropped but got DUI and 90 days jail
2009 felony grand theft motor vehicle – dropped by prosecutors

We also found a substantial incarceration history from the state:
Mr. Murphy remains in custody awaiting what seems like a low $11,000 total bond considering his history.

More Poker Face Arrests

Clockwise from top left: Erik Bishop, Patsy Capolongo, Darren Klein and Michael Dangelo
Clockwise from top left: Erik Bishop, Patsy Capolongo, Darren Klein and Michael Dangelo

Details are still sketchy but we’ve learned of five more individuals arrested in what appears to be a large racketeering and gambling investigation.
Earlier today we reported on three West Boca residents arrested with poker connections.
Devon Shalmi, Thomas Cuce and Joseph "Joe" Petrolino
Devon Shalmi, Thomas Cuce and Joseph “Joe” Petrolino

Now thanks to tips from readers and to the Sun-Sentinel we’ve got more, but the prosecutors and police are withholding full details for now.
The gambling aspect appears more certain now so we’re sticking with our original nickname for this: the Poker Face Case. We’ve found a total of five additional people involved in the investigation so far. Not pictured is Allen (or Allan) Klein of Margate, reportedly age 77. In the mugshots at top we have Erik Bishop (35, Parkland), who has significant West Boca connections, along with Patsy Capolongo (65, West Palm Beach), Darren Klein (36, Coral Springs, son of Allen), and Michael Dangelo (or D’Angelo, 58, Pompano Beach).
Capolongo is in PBSO custody with bond set at $1 million. We don’t know what his charges are yet.
Update: Thanks to another reader tip, Capolongo has other illegal gambling charges against him, per LoHud, and also from a NY Times article from 1997.
Bishop is in BSO custody facing a total of 9 counts including 2 of racketeering and 6 involving bookmaking.
D’Angelo is listed by BSO with 10 counts, mostly the same as Bishop but also with a high level count for money laundering which adds $150K to his bond amount.
Darren Klein has 6 counts listed though his bond is set much lower. Per the Sun-Sentinel the elder Klein faces 22 counts which might make him the top dog.
BSO declined to provide us with any documents. Similar to what they apparently told the Sun-Sentinel, BSO says they are under seal from a judge so they can’t release them. Hopefully we will have more details this weekend or next week.
We’ve found minimal or no criminal history for most of the defendants. Bishop had a felony Broward case in 2012 with 2 counts, something to do with securities fraud from 2009. That case also had several defendants.

False Imprisonment in West Boca?

A Tampa man is accused of “kidnapping” his ex-girlfriend by breaking into her West Boca apartment and keeping her trapped there for a few days.
Liam Heinz (age 31) faces four counts including kidnapping or false imprisonment of an adult, tampering in a misdemeanor proceeding, battery, and criminal mischief damaging property.
Heinz was arrested on Thursday and remains in custody. Court records indicate the incident occurred in late May, and he was arrested on a capias warrant. A motion was made to release him without bond and that will be heard in a few days. Heinz retained a defense attorney from Coral Gables.
Court records from Hillsborough County (Tampa) show a few cases for Mr. Heinz including some petit theft charges and one felony case involving grand theft and possession of drug paraphernalia. He also has a pending drug felony in Broward County that was filed in late May.
Of course, all defendants are innocent until proven guilty.
The Sun-Sentinel has additional details but we cannot verify their version at this time.

West Boca High's Tommy Covella Arrested on Warrant

West Boca High grad Thomas Covella (19) was arrested last night by PBSO on an “out-of-county warrant.”
Our readers might remember Mr. Covella. He was previously mentioned in our West Boca High arrest article from March. Shortly after we mentioned him again in an editorial, How Stupid Are You?
We checked the FDLE warrant database and don’t see anything for Mr. Covella there.
We do see that he had a prior arrest in Coconut Creek (Broward County) for burglarizing a “conveyance” (that usually means a car) and grand theft.
The “disposition” in that case was some kind of probation:
So our best guess is that this is for a violation of probation. That is often minor and we hope for Mr. Covella’s sake that it’s nothing big. It’s our impression that he may have had a few bad moments but otherwise he might actually turn out to be a good kid.
We also see that his earlier case involved another West Boca High grad, Brandon Navarro (also 19). Navarro’s case is still pending and has a calendar call in September. So there’s a small chance the warrant for Covella relates to him being a witness in that case.