Crime Victim Details Emerge

Brandon Ramineh from his Facebook page
Brandon Ramineh from his Facebook page

Yesterday on our Facebook page we posted about a pizza delivery guy robbed in the Timberwalk section of Loggers’ Run. The victim, Brandon Ramineh, responded to the post with details:

Pulled up to a delivery (which was obviously fake) and noticed a guy walking away from my car on the phone. I thought nothing of it. Got out of my car and as I turned to get the pizza out of my trunk I notice two African American guys walking up behind me in hoodies. Couldn’t do anything. Grabbed me by my neck, pushed me into the ground with a gun jammed into my back. The other guy reached into my pockets and stole my phone, wallet, keys and all my cash from work. They hopped in my car and floored it off (in manual mode in 1st gear like morons).

I heard they found the car at like 3AM a few miles away, but no one has contacted me yet.

To his credit, Mr. Ramineh seems to have recovered well from the incident and is in good spirits as best we can tell.
We contacted PBSO to see what they could tell us but they have not responded.
Update: PBSO did respond.

On Monday, June 6, 2016, at 11 pm, the victim was delivering pizza for Papa John’s to the 22000 block of Timberly Drive, Boca Raton. The victim parked his vehicle at the bottom of the driveway when he was approached by a black male from behind and placed into a choke hold and told not to move and lay face down. The black male suspect removed his keys from his pocket and three black males, all wearing hoodies, entered the vehicle and fled.

Jacob Cerney Walsh; photo from his Facebook page - Johnny Maserati
Jacob Cerney Walsh; photo from his Facebook page – Johnny Maserati

In a more serious incident, Jacob Cerney Walsh of Jupiter was shot and killed last night in an “apparent drug deal” in the San Marco community on Military Trail north of Yamato. Walsh was 25 years old.
Boca PD reports:

On Tuesday, June 7 at 12:17 a.m., Boca Raton Police officers responded to a report of a male who was shot at the San Marco Apartments, 5507 North Military Trail. Arriving officers located the shooting victim, Jacob Walsh, and provided medical attention until Boca Raton Fire Rescue personnel arrived and transported Walsh to Delray Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. Boca Raton detectives interviewed numerous witnesses, including people who live in the apartment complex.
There is evidence to indicate that Walsh was involved in a drug transaction when he was shot. The investigation is on-going and if anyone has information about this crime, please call Detective Lazarus Kimsal at (561) 620-6144 or Palm Beach County Crime Stoppers at (800) 458-TIPS.

Mr. Walsh had an extensive history in the Palm Beach court system, mostly traffic offenses but also including three felony arrests. The most recent felony case was still open from Palm Beach Gardens with counts for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and carrying a concealed firearm.

Image and map data by Google
Image and map data by Google

Armed Robbery in West Delray

Map data and image by Google
Map data and image by Google

We just received a media advisory from the Palm Beach Sheriff. This incident occurred just north of West Boca, on Atlantic in Delray between Military Trail and Jog.
Suspect Wanted for Robbery to a Business in Western Delray Beach.
Unknown male suspect walked into Gold Buyers, in western Delray Beach, looked at a few pieces of jewelry and showed interest in making a purchase. Before finalizing the purchase the suspect advised the victim he had a gun. He demanded the victim “get on the floor and not move” while he grabbed several bags of jewelry and fled on foot.
The suspect appears to be 40 – 50 years of age, 5’06”, stocky build, wearing a navy polo stripped short sleeve shirt, blue jeans and had short military style haircut.
This incident occurred on June 28, 2015, 12:54 pm, at Gold Buyers located in the 5800 block of Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach.
If this individual resembles anyone you know please contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-458-TIPS.

Sandalfoot Purse Snatcher Arrested

Deputies made an arrest today in the Sandalfoot Square purse snatcher case. Graccuhs Mesidor, 24, was arrested in full view of one of our regular readers who sent us the above photo.
Mr. Mesidor faces charges of robbery, aggravated battery, larceny and marijuana possession. We are aware of at least one previous arrest for fraud back in July of 2014. He remains in custody at this writing.

Doctor Accused of Robbery?

Dr. Dwight Collman (58) was arrested Monday on charges of robbery, battery on a uniformed security guard and criminal mischief. From the probable cause affidavit filed in the court, this concerns an incident in front of Dr. Collman’s home in the gates Seasons community off Jog Road south of Clint Moore.
Collman had a DUI case in 2001 and a 2006 aggravated battery and criminal mischief case. Both sets of charges were dropped by prosecutors. His record with Department of Health also shows a criminal incident involving trespassing at his daughter’s high school but we see no record of that in any court.
Collman is a certified specialist in emergency medicine. He runs the Collman Institute, apparently from his home, which helps prepare other physicians for emergency medicine board exams. He claims to have helped over 12,000 physicians. He’s also a co-author of a 2005 Emergency Medicine Board Review prep book.
From what we understand, Dr. Collman was involved in an argument on Saturday with a security guard from the Seasons community related to a violation of homeowners assocation rules. Dr. Collman allegedly punched the security guard in the chest, grabbed the guard’s cell phone, stuck it in a wet vac, and then threw it at the guard.
Update: WPBF has some video on this story.
Images showing the Boca Raton police officer’s description are below, followed by the full document.
The full probable cause affidavit filed in court is below:
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Home Invasion in The Oaks

A few readers reported an incident last night with a heavy police presence and a police helicopter around Clint Moore. A couple heard it was an attempted home invasion in either The Oaks or Long Lake Estates.
The website shows a robbery in The Oaks was reported on Cadena Drive, which is north of Clint Moore and close to Lyons Road.
One reader sent us this picture of police on the scene:
We checked the court system and do not see any new cases that clearly fit with this incident. We also contacted PBSO Media Relations and they did not see this case in their system yet. It’s not clear if an arrest was made at all.
As one reader put it:

There was an attempted home invasion in the Oaks around 10 PM. The police are looking for the robber. A male wearing a grey shirt.

Considering the accuracy of the reader on the location and time, we’re guessing the rest of his report is accurate as well.

Robbery in Watergate Estates

Several readers reported a major incident in West Sandalfoot last night, in the Watergate Estates trailers. shows the incident as robbery of a person.
As one reader described it:

Armed robbery 11900 block Watergate Cir. White male in shorts. PBSO helicopter and units responding.

We heard from a number of readers about both the helicopter and a heavy police presence.
Since the Sheriff took down the booking blotter from his website, we can’t tell if an arrest was made.
There were 10 crimes reported yesterday in West Boca by the Sheriff, including another robbery of a person on the other side of 441 in or near Sandalfoot Square, along with three residential burglaries and two shoplifting incidents.

Carjacking in Boca – North Broward Prep Grad?

Saturday morning Edoardo Trovato (18) was booked into the county jail after an arrest by Boca Raton PD on various charges including a carjacking/robbery with a firearm or weapon, unarmed burglary of an unoccupied car, and stealing law enforcement equipment from an emergency vehicle.
Mr. Trovato remains in custody at this writing with bond set at a total of $18,000.
The carjacking charge is particularly serious. Normally it’s a first-degree felony which is already a big deal. But the court file shows it is charged under §812.133(2A), involving a deadly weapon, and that means the sentence can go as high as life in prison.
We see no prior criminal history for Mr. Trovato. If it’s the same guy he is a native of Italy, a Broward Prep grad, and a current or former student at Lynn University. He also appears to be a fan of the late Tupac Shakur:
His reported address is the Wyndham Hotel on Glades near Military Trail.
We expect to have more information on this case within the next couple of days.

Teens Charged for Home Invasion Robbery

West Boca News strongly believes that those arrested are presumed innocent until proven guilty.
Late Monday deputies arrested two young men, accused of a home invasion robbery. On the left above is “Tyler Gillson” (aka Taylor Gillson, Tyler Gilson and Taylor Gilson). Mr. Gillson is 19 years old and appeared earlier this year in West Boca News on charges of robbery, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, grand theft, and marijuana possession. All but the marijuana charges were dropped by prosecutors. We also see a trespassing case from Fort Lauderdale in his past. His reported address is in East Boca and he may be a Boca High graduate or former student.
On the right is Andrew Mincey, who is also 19 years old. Mr. Mincey was arrested in December on three felony cocaine sale charges and was sentenced a week ago to 12 months probation. We also see a couple traffic cases in the courts. Mr. Mincey’s reported address is also in East Boca and we think he moved here after finishing high school in South Carolina.
In our previous article on Mr. Gilson we included this photo set below.
As for Mr. Mincey we found this shot of him:
The charge of home invasion robbery is very serious under Florida law, listed as a felony in the first degree.

Bank Robber Arrested Again

We previously reported on an alleged bank robbery of the Wells Fargo in Sandalfoot Square. The man accused in that incident, Ronel Laurent (above, 46), was arrested again Monday accused of Grand Theft of a motor vehicle. This arrest was made by Boca Raton city police.
Court records indicate that Mr. Laurent is being held without bond pending a mental health assessment. Both cases have been assigned to the Veterans Court division, and he’s scheduled to appear in front of Judge Kelley on Thursday morning.

Bank Robbery at Wells Fargo: Ronel Laurent?

The Wells Fargo Bank in Sandalfoot Cove was the scene of an attempted bank robbery yesterday. Multiple readers tipped us off and one sent us some photos. As usual we keep our tipsters and photographers anonymous unless they request to be identified.
Above you can see deputies in the process of arresting a man wearing blue. The blotter shows Ronel Laurent (mugshot below) arrested for robbery and booked yesterday up in West Palm Beach around 9 pm, which is roughly consistent with the timing of our first tip, around 5 pm.

Ronel Laurent
Ronel Laurent

Also, the mugshot shows him wearing roughly the same blue that the person being arrested is wearing in that photo at top. Mr. Laurent’s reported address is in Boca Trails, just south of Judge Winikoff near 441. It appears to be a rental.
The Wells Fargo Bank is in the Sandalfoot Square plaza close to the intersection of 441 and Sandalfoot, less than a mile on foot from Mr. Laurent’s reported address.

We see no previous history for Mr. Laurent in Palm Beach County. However, we do see a felony battery case from Coconut Creek, in Broward, from 1999. When he’s not allegedly robbing banks or hitting people, he appears to work in asset management for a loan servicing company based in Miami-Dade County.
Here are a couple more scene pictures from our reader/tipster: