Repeat Offender Recklessly Injures Deputy on 441

Traffic on US-441 was blocked from Glades to Yamato this morning after a serious accident near Kimberly Road. Hector Mauricio Mazariegos (age 31, Coral Springs) was arrested and charged with several offenses.
According to the Sheriff’s report:

P-1 (the deputy) was working a traffic enforcement operation on State Road 7 just south of Kimberly Blvd with several other deputies. P-1 obtained a speed reading of 97 mph on V-1 (Mazariegos on the motorcycle) in a 45 mph zone.
P-1 stepped into the center lane, faced southbound and was waving V-1 over. According to witnesses the deputy had been out in the roadway for more than enough time for the rider to see him and stop. The deputy was wearing a neon green reflective vest at the time. V-1 slowed and tried to drive around P-1, but at the same time P-1 feared V-1 was going to run him over and moved slightly to his right.
V-1 impacted with the deputy, then made a heavy brake applicated (leaving a lengthy skid mark) and overturned. V-1 slid to final rest at Kimberly Blvd.

Mr. Mazariegos has quite a history in the courts, as explained below the scene photos.

Reader photo of accident scene
Reader photo of accident scene

Reader photo showing what we believe to be the deputy on the ground at the scene.
Reader photo showing what we believe to be the deputy on the ground at the scene.

By our count, Mazariegos has had 9 traffic cases (7 of them criminal) in Broward County dating back to 2007:
He also was arrested in 2015 in Palm Beach County for driving without a valid license. Despite his lengthy history, that charge was resolved with a fine and “adjudication withheld.”
Similar to a case we reported last year, the prosecutors and courts in Palm Beach and Broward County seem to have a policy of going easy on serious repeat traffic offenders. In the previous incident three young males were badly injured. Now it’s a deputy taking the hit.
State Attorney Dave Aronberg is running unopposed in this year’s election so we can expect another four years of lax enforcement. Mr. Mazariegos has probably run out of luck.
PBSO reports the charges against Mazariegos as:

  • Reckless Driving resulting in serious bodily injury
  • No Driver’s License causing serious bodily injury
  • Driving without a motorcycle endorsement
  • Driving an unregistered vehicle
  • Attaching an unassigned tag to a vehicle

Mazariegos’ Facebook page indicates he works (or worked) for Fit Foodz Cafe, which is on Clint Moore near 441.

New Habitat Store Opening on Yamato

Former CVS building on northwest corner of 441 and Yamato; image by Google.
Former CVS building on northwest corner of 441 and Yamato; image by Google.

The Sun-Sentinel‘s Marci Shatzman reports that a new store from Habitat for Humanity will be opening in the small plaza on the north side of Yamato just west of 441.

The plaza currently has a Sherwin-Williams paint store along with a pre-school that is also one of the locations for the Quality Swimming school.

Habitat for Humanity ReStores are nonprofit home improvement stores and donation centers that sell new and gently used furniture, home accessories, building materials, and appliances to the public at a fraction of the retail price.

ReStores are already in our area, with one on Dixie Highway in East Boca and another on Federal Highway in Delray. The new store on Yamato will be, like those two, owned and operated by the Habitat affiliate for South Palm Beach County.
The store is expected to open August 22nd though it may not yet be fully stocked. Hours will be from 10 to 6, 6 days a week (closed on Monday).

La Ferme: New Chef and Ownership

Since it opened La Ferme (originally Bistro Gastronomie) has been one of our favorite restaurants in West Boca. From a business perspective it has been a bumpy ride. The original owners under Bistro Gastronomie sold to the Shapiros who renamed it La Ferme. They originally stuck with Chef Walden but later switched to one new chef and maybe another. It’s our understanding the Shapiros did a good job of building up the business and this made it an attractive purchase for the new owner, Alan Luckner.
farid-oualidiFarid Oualidi is the new chef. He has been working there for about a year under the previous chef. Here’s an interview with him from back in 2009.
With the latest changes in mind they invited us to visit. Disclosure: Our meal was free.
La Ferme is on the north side of Yamato between 441 and Lyons Road, in the same plaza as Doris Market.

There is a regular menu which is expensive – but worth it, and there is also a “Dining to Dusk” menu. That’s available to 7 pm on most days but only until 6 pm on Friday and Saturday. On that deal you get three courses for $32, though some items may increase that price.
The interior has not changed since our last review.
As usual we enjoyed our meal. We started with the Gougeres appetizer, pieces of bread with Gruyère cheese in the middle, almost like a pastry. It came with so much we didn’t come close to finishing it.
They also brought us out their regular bread basket. We normally don’t mention that but the raisin bread that was included is delicious. The other bread in the basket might have been sourdough.
We also had a Caesar Salad, which was very good. Note that it came with some anchovy on top. If you don’t like that be sure to let them know when you order.
One of the best items we had was the Vichysoisse, a cold soup. It was brilliant. As I ate it I noticed both the creamy texture and hints of various flavors, all going well together. When you order off the regular menu it is topped with some smoked salmon that was very high quality. As we understand it that is not included if you order it off the Dining to Dusk menu.
It’s worth mentioning that the service was excellent. There were multiple staff members coming to our table, refilling water glasses, straightening napkins if someone left the table, clearing plates (and very politely), etc. We were provided fresh silverware for every course. We never had to ask for anything.
We had two entrees. The short ribs is a great dish. The meat is so tender you don’t need a knife. It’s also beautiful to look at:
The filet mignon was wonderful. There was a choice of three sauces and we went with a “spicy” peppercorn. It wasn’t so spicy as to need a warning and it was a great sauce. If there was one weakness that night it was how the steak was cooked. We ordered it medium rare and it was somewhere between medium and medium well. Regardless, it was delicious. I ordered a glass of a French Pinot Noir with the meal and it paired perfectly with the steak.
The filet comes with fries. They’re good but we’d like to see other options for sides with a $42 entree.
We also tried a few desserts. First up was the apple tart with vanilla ice cream. We’ve had this one before and still like it.

Apple Tart with ice cream
Apple Tart with ice cream

Next was the Mousse Cake, and we loved it. The berries it came with were fresh and juicy.
Mousse Cake
Mousse Cake

Last was the Double Chocolate Fudge which came with chocolate “barts” on the side. This was also very good.
Double Chocolate Fudge with chocolate "barts"
Double Chocolate Fudge with chocolate “barts”

Overall La Ferme is still one of our favorite restaurants in West Boca. If you’re going out for a special dinner and you’re ready to spend for it, you really can’t do better anywhere nearby. Their only real competition at this level are Armadillo Cafe on Glades and Butcher Block Grill on Powerline, but their menus are so different that it’s hard to compare them.

Home Sales in Boca West, Santa Barbara, Fox Landing & Woodfield Hunt Club

The 33434 zip code includes homes between 441 and St. Andrews Blvd, North of Glades Road to Yamato Road. Neighborhoods in this area include Boca West Country Club, Hamptons at Boca Raton, Woodfield Hunt Club, Santa Barbara and Century Village.
Boca West

Boca West from Glades Road; Image Google
Boca West from Glades Road; Image Google

Boca West Country Club is a top rated country club with four championship golf courses and 31 tennis courts. The Aquatics Center has lots of activities and a sprawling free form pool. The Sports Center has a fitness center and aerobics studio. The community has six restaurants. All homeowners must pay an initial $70,000 membership fee. Close to Town Center Mall, the Club has entrances on Glades Road and Yamato Road.
6753 Woodbridge; Image and Map Data by Google
6753 Woodbridge; Image and Map Data by Google

This villa at 6753 Woodbridge Drive in the Boca West Country Club sold for $775,000. The villa has 2688 sq. feet of living space, 3 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms. Built in 1984, it has views of the golf course and lake and a heated pool. The kitchen was recently updated to include granite counters, new cabinets and appliances. It was previously puchased in 1995 for $520,000.
7356 Mahogany Court; Image and Map Data from Google
7356 Mahogany Court; Image and Map Data from Google

Also located in Boca West, the home at 7356 Mahogany Court sold for $650,000. The home has 3 bedrooms and 4.1 bathrooms in 3582 sq. feet of living space. This custom home has marble floors, a newly renovated pool and updated bathrooms. Many of the appliances are also new. The last transaction before this was back in 1999 for $700K.
Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara from St. Andrews; Image Google
Santa Barbara from St. Andrews; Image Google

Santa Barbara is a gated community with a clubhouse, a newly refurbished fitness room, tennis courts and resort style pool and spa. It is located close to the Town Center Mall between St. Andrews and Jog Road just north of Glades Road.
6173 (right) and 6269 (left) NW 23rd Road; Image and map data from Google
6173 (right) and 6269 (left) NW 23rd Road; Image and map data from Google

This beautiful courtyard home at 6269 NW 23rd Road sold for $650,000. Located in the Santa Barbara community, students attend Omni Middle School and Spanish River Community High School. The home has 3062 sq feet of living space, 4 bedrooms and 3.1 bathrooms. It was built in 1992, it was purchased in 2005 for $630,000. There are lake views and the kitchen was recently renovated.
Twelve houses away on the same street, 6173 NW 23rd sold for $550,000. The ranch has 3 bedrooms and 2 and a half bathrooms in 2521 square feet. It is on the same lake and has an in-ground pool. The kitchen has granite counters and stainless steel appliances. Built in 1994, it was sold in 2007 for $660,000. Before that it was purchased in 2001 for $484,000.
Two other neighborhoods abut Boca West: Fox Landing on Yamato and the larger Woodfield Hunt Club, also on Yamato and also Jog Road.
19081 Fox Landing Drive; Image by Google
19081 Fox Landing Drive; Image and Map Data by Google

This special home in Fox Landing, located at 19081 Fox Landing Drive, sold for $700,000. Fox Landing is a small gated community off Yamato Road and just west of Jog Road. Students go to Omni Middle School and Spanish River Community High School. The 3363 sq. feet home has 4 bedrooms and 4 full bathrooms. The home has an open floor plan, an updated kitchen and beautiful backyard with expansive pool and patio. It was built in 1989 and last purchased in 1992 for $330,000.
3730 Kings Way; Image and map data from Google
3730 Kings Way; Image and map data from Google

Our last home at 3730 Kings Way and located in Woodfield Hunt Club, sold for $635,000. The home has 2886 sq. feet, 4 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms. This ranch was built in 1982 and has a 3 car garage. It was last purchased in 1997 for $315,500. The kitchen and bathrooms were recently updated. Students in this community go to Omni Middle School and Spanish River Community High School. Woodfield Hunt Club is a gated community located on Jog Road just south of Yamato Road. The community has two parks, 5 tennis courts and basketball courts as well as a clubhouse.

Roadwork Coming on Cain and Glades

The County Commission recently approved two road projects west of US-441. First up, they’re spending $322K to mill and resurface Cain Blvd from Glades to Yamato. Cain runs parallel to 441, north-south between Boca Isles and Boca Greens.

Cain Blvd between Glades and Yamato. Map data Google Maps.
Cain Blvd between Glades and Yamato. Map data Google Maps.

Next up they will spend $517K milling and resurfacing Glades between Ponderosa and State Road 7 (aka US-441).
Glades Road between Ponderosa and 441. Map data Google Maps.
Glades Road between Ponderosa and 441. Map data Google Maps.

From what we can see in the documents, each project should take no more than 30 days. We haven’t heard of a start date yet for either of them.
Once these start we anticipate significant traffic impact, though fortunately both sections of roadway are not as heavily traveled as busier roads like 441 and Glades east of 441. Drivers may divert from these creating more traffic on Palmetto Park Road, Yamato, and 441.
The documents for each are below. First for Cain:
[gview file=””]
And next for Glades:
[gview file=””]

Oh No: My Froyo! – Yogurt Robbery

Update (December 12): Alleged Robber has been arrested. Wesley Hostzclaw (56) of Delray Beach was arrested.
Mr. Hostzclaw has a serious criminal history including a murder charge back in 1975 and multiple drug felonies in 1991. The digital records are unclear about what finally happened with the murder in the 1970s, though one aspect of that case made it to the Florida Supreme Court in 1977. Court records from the 1991 cases indicate he was sentenced to 15 years in state prison for those. Looking deeper we see the following footnote in a recent case:

Hostzclaw was charged in five separate cases (L.T. case nos. 91-6476, 91-7274, 91-10053, 91-10081, and 91-10523) with a total of nine counts of the sale and possession of cocaine. On November 25, 1991, he accepted a plea agreement, pursuant to which he was to receive a sentence of either 15 years in prison if he appeared for sentencing after a 72-hour furlough, or 170 years, as a habitual felony offender, if he failed to do so.   He failed to appear for sentencing and, on March 2, 1992, he was sentenced to 170 years in prison as a habitual felony offender.

Since he was sentenced to 170 years (???) per a 2010 case, it’s unclear why he was out of prison in 2014, though perhaps they ultimately honored the 15 year sentence and he had some credit time. Corrections records show he was released in January of this year, and show further detail on his history, though it does not show the 1975 murder.
The Sun-Sentinel reports that he had a fake plastic gun in his possession in his car, as well as sunglasses that allegedly match the security camera photo. They also mention some criminal history in Georgia but we can’t find anything on that.

Our original story is below.
From Boca PD:

At approximately 2:30pm on Wednesday, December 10th, a person walked into ECO Yogurt at 1200 West Yamato Road pointed a gun at the clerk, demanding money.  The clerk handed the suspect an undetermined amount of cash. Boca Raton Police officers responded within two minutes, but the suspect had already fled from the scene.
If anyone has any information about this case, please call Detective Jeffrey Stepp at 561-620-6196 or Crime Stoppers at 800-458-TIPS
Black Male 6 feet tall 40 years old Partial Bald head Dirty white shirt Blue jean shorts Black Nike sneakers with white swoosh Aviator sunglasses


The Eco Yogurt Lounge on Yamato near Miller’s Ale House was robbed earlier this afternoon at gunpoint, according to Liz Ruotolo.
We are hoping to get more details soon, but for now Ms. Ruotolo’s photos and what she heard are what we have. Ms. Ruotolo is one of our most avid readers and an occasional contributor we appreciate very much.
Another reader saw this police alert around 3:30 pm:

Police Activity in the area of Yamato/Broken Sound; Avoid the area and if you see anyone Suspicious Do not approach Dial 9-1-1.

And we see that on BRPD’s Twitter account as well:
Eco is on the south side of Yamato east of Military Trail, across from Broken Sound:


Rollover Accident at Yamato & 441: Photos

Update: We checked the court files and we do not see a case that fits this incident yet. PBSO’s Media Relations does not see it in their system yet either.
Several readers sent us photos from last night of a rollover accident at Yamato and 441. We don’t know what caused the car to rollover – and we may never know. But it’s certainly grabbed attention from many people.
The Sheriff reported a DUI incident at that location last night:
The accident happened right at the intersection in full view of The Lakes at Boca Raton and the CVS.
Other readers reported a heavy police presence including “under cover,” though we think that refers to detectives in plain clothes. There was also police activity from an incident in The Oaks to the north, which we will cover in our next story.
One of the readers also sent us a video of the scene:

Here are a few more reader photos of this accident:

Happy Hour and More at La Ferme

We have an update on La Ferme, the new high end restaurant on Yamato in the plaza with Doris Market. Along with their regular menu, they’ve announced some Happy Hour specials that are available for a limited time.
Six nights per week from 5-7 at the bar they will have two-for-one house wine and house cocktails. Friday is the exception. There are two other specials: Half-price mussels all night on Sunday and half-price on wine bottles under $75 on Mondays.
Mussels are a specialty of the new owners. The Shapiros run the Flex Mussels restaurants in New York City, which is prominent enough to have been featured in the New York Times back in 2009. That means they know how to source top quality shellfish, and how to pair wines with them.
We covered La Ferme’s media dinner a month ago, and we included our own photos in that article.
La Ferme is open for dinner seven days a week starting at 5 pm. Sunday through Thursday they’re open until 10 pm, with an extra hour (until 11) on Friday and Saturday. The restaurant is on the north side of Yamato at Lakeridge (between 441 and Lyons):

The restaurant sent us some of their own photos, which we cropped so they’d fit better on our website:
Also, above we mentioned Happy Hour for house cocktails. Here’s that menu:
This is a sponsored article. The writing is all ours and the restaurant had minimal input (other than providing photos). We really do think La Ferme is the best restaurant in West Boca.

Accident at Cain & Yamato – 2 pm

Two readers report an accident at Cain and Yamato shortly after 2 pm today. One sent us photos.
We’re told it’s a multi-car accident. One reader saw two cars with front-end damage. Another reader thinks more cars were involved, and car parts are all over the road.
We see some traffic impact on Google Maps, but the volume at that intersection is not high enough to generate reliable information. We’d suggest avoiding the area for an hour or so.
Update: Another reader sent us two more pictures.



Biden & Crist Jam Traffic In West Boca

We heard from many readers today complaining about horrendous traffic and an overwhelming police presence. This was apparently caused by Vice President Biden’s visit to Century Village on Lyons Road.
Readers reported that Yamato Road was blocked westbound from Jog. Other readers reported problems all the way from I-95 to Lyons. We also saw a traffic jam on Glades Road approaching the Turnpike, and heard reports of problems at Glades and Lyons, as well as on Lyons itself.
One of our readers sent us several photos of the police. There were plenty on motorcycles:
There were plenty of cars:
And they were on the roadway, here at Lyons and Kimberly in front of Century Village:
Readers told us that Biden and Governor candidate Charlie Crist were accompanied by other local Democrat officials including Congressman Ted Deutch, State Senator Joe Abruzzo and others. We wonder if the votes this helps them get in Century Village are offset by the thousands of drivers who were inconvenienced.
But the truth is this kind of over-the-top treatment of government officials is a bipartisan affair. For voters who are really bothered by it, we would suggest voting for third-party candidates.