Real Estate Update for 33428 in Mid-2019

This is Warren’s update on the various communities in zip code 33428.

Boca Falls: Sales volume is up with 22 homes sold in the first half of the year. The average sale was a 4 1/2 bedroom home with 3000 square feet selling for $574,000 in 3 1/2 months. Inventory is also up with 14 homes currently on the market.

Some homes closed at fairly high prices with the 4000 square foot 5-bedroom at 21288 Rock Ridge Drive in The Estates selling for $755,000 at the top. It doesn’t even have a lake view. Nearby 21206 Falls Ridge Way sold for $750,000 with 5100 square feet.

21206 Falls Ridge Way in The Estates sold for $750,000. Image by Google.

Five homes sold in the $600K range and nine more sold in the $500Ks.

Current listings include three smaller homes (2000 – 2300 sq.ft.) listed under $500,000 and four larger homes (3500 – 3900 sq.ft.) listed over $700,000. The biggest, in Crystal Pointe, is also the priciest at $825,000.

Boca Winds: Inventory remains low in Boca Winds with only 9 homes currently on the market, less than 1% of homes in the community. That makes it a seller’s market.

As always the lowest prices are in Ashley Park with two homes listed near $365,000. Three homes in Regency Place are listed just below $400,000. The highest list price at the moment is $493,000.

Sales volume remains strong in Boca Winds with 28 homes sold in 2019 so far, similar in pace to the 55 sold for all of 2018. The average transaction was a 4 bedroom with 2300 square feet selling for $438,000 in 3 months. That last bit might reflect that some homes in Boca Winds are taking longer to find the right buyer. The average was driven up by a few homes that took several months.

One outlier home sold for $295,000, but everything else sold for over $350,000. Oddly the lowest prices were in Regency Place instead of Ashley Park. The lowest one and two others near $360,000, all about 1600 square feet, were in Regency Place.

12698 Little Palm Lane sold for $650,000.

The high end was a 3250 square foot house on Little Palm Lane that netted $650,000. One house in Collington Estates sold for over $500,000. A total of 19 homes sold between $400K and $500K.

Loggers’ Run: Loggers’ Run has 16 single family homes listed for sale with a wide range of prices at the moment. Timberwalk has 5 villas mostly listed close to $250,000.

At the high end of the active listings Tamarron has a 2600 square foot house listed at $925,000. That seems optimistic but we’ve been wrong before. It does have a one acre lot.

The rest of the single family listings are priced between $370,000 and $680,000.

There were 26 transactions of single family homes this year so far. Four sales were in Island Lakes ranging from $470,000 to $512,000. Closing prices in the Country Landings subdivisions ranged from $326,000 up to $380,000.

The highest prices were in the Winding Lakes subdivisions along with two deals in Ponderosa on the county line canal. At the top were two Winding Lakes homes at $675,000 and $650,000, both four bedrooms with 3000 square feet.

Timberwalk saw 13 townhomes and villas sell between $240,000 and 280,000. Of those 11 were 1500 square feet or less.

Mission Bay: There were 35 sales in Mission Bay in the first half of 2019, 31 of them single family homes. For townhomes two 1800 sq.ft. models sold in Las Flores for $295,000 each. Two more sold in Reflections over $300,000.

Of the single family homes, six of them sold in the upper 300s spread across Ventura, Regatta, Harbour Springs and La Costa. Seven more sold from $400,000 to $415,000 including one in The Isle.

The highest prices exceeded $600,000. The 3700 square foot 5-bedroom at 20456 San Rafael Court in The Isles was purchased for $678,500. Two 2800 sq.ft. homes in Cordova Estates sold for $610,000 and $586,000.

One home in Sonata broke the $500K barrier selling for $502,000 with 2500 square feet and a lake view.

Regatta had the most activity with 7 deals from $370,000 to $495,000. Ventura had 6 sales from $356,000 up to $467,000. There were no transactions at all in Laguna in 2019 so far.

Boca Woods: 21 homes sold in Boca Woods with five going over $370,000, two of them over $400K. On the other hand thirteen sold for less than $175,000, four of them under $100K.

There are 34 homes listed with prices as high as $600,000.

Palma Vista: Five homes sold in Palma Vista, near West Boca Medical Center, with prices from $450,000 up to $1.1 million (a 6000 square foot 6-bedroom house). There are currently no homes listed.

Avalon: Three homes sold in Avalon (behind Lowe’s), all between $500,000 and $600,000. One home is listed there now, a 5-bedroom with 3000 square feet, on the market at $565,000.

Palmetto Pines: Ten homes sold in Palmetto Pines from $285,000 up to $360,000. There are currently six homes listed for sale, with the lowest at $317,000.

Boca Springs: Three homes sold in Boca Springs, all with four bedrooms, from $370,000 to $412,000. Two homes are on the market now, priced at $380,000 and $412,000.

Meadow Lakes saw five transactions this year starting at $308,000 for a 3-bedroom under 1500 square feet. A 2000 square foot 4-bedroom netted $380,000, and a much larger 2700 square foot 5-bedroom sold for $430,000.

There’s a lot of inventory right now in Meadow Lakes with 8 homes listed as low as $330,000.

There were 8 sales in Lexington Estates since the beginning of 2019 starting at $408,000. Four others sold for $450,000 or less, while three homes sold for over $500,000. The biggest price was $540,000 for a 6-bedroom with 3300 square feet.

Active listings include three large homes starting at $575,000 for 3300 square feet. The top is priced just under $700,000 for 4200 square feet.

There’s only one home for sale in Paraiso (aka Allegro), a 1400 square foot 3 bedroom. Three transactions this year were priced from $297,000 up to $325,000.

The section of Sandalfoot Cove that lies west of Lyons had 5 single family home transactions ranging $290,000 up to $367,000.

The Vineyards (Palmetto behind Walmart) has four homes on the market. Three are priced from $400,000 up to $430,000. One is optimistically priced at $579,000. The neighborhood has had only one sale this year, at $390.000.

Arborwood (Lyons at Palmetto) had four sales from $425,000 up to $506,000. One home is actively listed for $559,000.

There were 19 units sold in Boca Lago with prices as low as $130,000. Eight sold for $200,000 or more with 9304 Vista Del Lago B going for $300,000 (1500 square feet), and the larger 21461 Cypress Hammock Drive 28a at $337,500.

Other neighborhoods north of Boca Lago along the west side of Lyons include:

  • Timbers of Boca – 21234 Hazelwood Lane sold for $304,000 with less than 1400 square feet
  • Boca Ridge – Three homes sold from $292,000 to $330,000
  • Boca Flores – Two new 1900 square foot condos sold for $437,000 and $460,000
  • Pine Springs – 9175 Pine Springs Drive sold for $319,000 with 2300 square feet

Sexual Assault on a Minor: Crime Report

A 25-year-old from Boca Gardens was arrested for sexual assault on a 15-year-old girl. We have several cases from Watergate Estates (aka the Sandalfoot Trailer Park), some car vandalism in Boca Cove and East Boca, shoplifting from Lowe's and the Delray Home Depot, and more.

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No Padano: Restaurant Review

If you want your wife to divorce you, take her to Padano with your whole family, including your parents. By the end of the two-hour ordeal, you could be well on your way to a matrimonial lawyer.

Fortunately for me, our marriage appears strong enough to survive it. But for those who are not so lucky, my cautionary tale follows. We previously reviewed Padano in 2016.

It all started off innocently enough with plans to go to our favorite Thai restaurant in Loggers’ Run this Sunday evening. I arrived early and discovered the place was full with two large parties taking up most of the place. This was apparently planned by my friends Shane and Susan from Lake Worth, who had a party near me but didn’t invite me, all part of their scheme to keep us from enjoying our dinner.

I called my wife and suggested we meet at Padano in the same plaza instead. She hesitated, but decided to go along against her better judgment. I should have paid more attention to the tone in her voice, but I’ve never been good at that.

We walked into a mostly empty Padano around 5:45 pm. There was no one to seat us so I just chose a table. When our waiter-tormentor finally appeared he seemed flustered at my decision but he didn’t argue with us. Not yet. That was still to come. For those unfamiliar with fiction what you just read is called subtle foreshadowing.

It all seemed to be going well at first. Sure we knew the service could be slow but the drinks and ordering process weren’t too bad. The waiter again made a face when I asked for no cheese on the salad, but the arguments would come later.

I shared that salad with my mother, a vegan. My wife had a soup.

The waiter was surprised when I asked for bread, but he did bring it out including the requested butter. If you’re wondering where it all goes downhill, it’s coming soon. The salad was fine. I’m told the soup was mushy and flavorless.

After the salad I went over to chat with my old friend Nick I saw at a nearby table. He and his parents had arrived well after us but don’t worry for them – they escaped before we did, apparently unscathed.

During our conversation the waiter came and took their order so I returned to my table, then went back after they ordered. The conversation continued for quite some time. I kept looking back at our table to see when the entrees would come, but that didn’t happen for a while so we kept chatting.

Eventually I returned to our table and learned the delay had triggered some concern from certain family members who shall remain unidentified. This is not to protect them, but rather to protect myself from them.

I tried to explain that this was a great opportunity to see the humor in life, like in the Seinfeld Chinese restaurant episode. For those inclined toward the divorce strategy you should really include this in your plan. As a bonus it may come up in your children’s future psychotherapy sessions.

About 45 minutes after we ordered, the waiter brought out an order of the special Padano bread. Apparently it’s supposed to be a form of garlic bread but is not nearly as good as undercooked Pepperidge Farm frozen garlic bread.

This was also the moment when one of the older members of our party asked where our entrees were, which prompted an argument with the waiter. As a part of the argument offered to take the garlic bread away. Sadly he relented.

I should note that one of my weaknesses as a writer is that I find it difficult to convey periods of delay. Let’s just say the entrees took a while. I first noticed the delay while chatting with those friends I mentioned a half-hour ago in this article. It felt like it took three times longer for the entrees to finally arrive.

To put it in numbers it took over an hour from the time we ordered until our entrees arrived. Most of our entrees. Mine took an extra five minutes. I’m guessing it’s more challenging for them to make this unusual dish, called Chicken Padano.

I’m told the meat in the Chicken Francese was okay, but the sauce had less flavor than Wonderbread. Two members of our party had ordered that dish. Neither ate more than a few bites. The waiter offered to bring something else out but we declined because we wanted to get home before midnight. He took one of them off the bill.

There were bright spots to the meal. The Arugula Pear salad was tasty. My Chicken Padano and the Chicken Scarpariello were both pretty good.

But there were other bad moments. My personal favorite was when the waiter finally came with drink refills and argued with my elderly mother when she said she wanted to keep her original glass of lemonade. It took three tries for me to persuade him not to argue with an old woman. Other lowlights include a malfunctioning paper towel dispenser in the men’s room, and a pizza-loving child who refused to eat due to all the stress of the experience.

When he brought boxes for me to take my food home I asked for the check. We waited another 10 minutes and then he came out to ask if we were ready for the check.

In short, the meal was a tragicomedy of errors. We will not be going back.

Oops I Did It Again: Crime Report for June 15

Her name isn't Britney, and as far as we know she hasn't done it before, but this Spanish River teen found some trouble. After Barbie we've got the Ken Doll story. Then our usual stalkers, burglars, thiefs, druggies and drunk drivers. It's another crime report for Boca.

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