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A discussion of health care providers in West Boca Raton has to start with West Boca Medical Center, best known perhaps for its Pediatric Emergency Room.

West Boca Medical Center
West Boca Medical Center

Photo shows medical office building.

Since there are many young families in West Boca, pediatrics is important to note first. The med center is home to West Boca Pediatrics. Sawgrass Pediatrics has eight board-certified pediatricians. Another option is Advanced Pediatrics. You can find  plenty more on Google Maps.

For primary care, our favorite is Associated Family Physicians in Sandalfoot Plaza. There’s also Palmetto Park Medical Associates, which doesn’t seem to have a website, and a number of practices in and around the medical center.
Outside of general care, one hot area of medicine is eye surgery. Dr. Alan Mitchell is one of the best known around here. Others nearby include Dr. Cohen’s Boca Lasik and the perhaps overly corporate Lasik Vision Institute, conveniently located in the Town Center Mall.
There’s plenty more around. We hope to add to this information as time goes on.

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  1. You might want to mention in your article here that the picture posted is of the Doctor’s offices, and not the actual hospital. People get confused and think that the buildings in front of the hospital are actually the hospital, but they aren’t. Helpful in an emergency to know which is which! Thanks.

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