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RatOn Restaurants: Inspection Report

J Alexander's in the plaza on Glades across from FAU. Image by Google.

J Alexander's had one of the worst inspections in this report. Cheesecake Factory near Town Center is high on the list, and a local bagel place also had more than 10 violations. Our spreadsheet, at bottom, has 112 inspections in total.

For J Alexander's, inspectors noted 16 violations with 4 marked high priority, all related to food temperature. More details below for paid subscribers:

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Farmers, Jokes and Spelling: What’s Happening in Boca this Weekend

Help the West Boca Drama Department bring their show Little Women to the Florida State Thespian Festival in March.

January 11, 2019:

Old Jews Telling Jokes at Mizner Park Cultural Center. 7:30 p.m. Call 844-672-2849 for tickets. Tickets start at $45. Must be 18+. Continuing through February 10th.

Eyes to the Skies at Science Explorium in Sugar Sand Park. 6:30 p.m. View the moon and mars. Free program, no registration required.

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee presented by Lightening Bolt Productions. 7 p.m. at West Boca High Theater. Shows also on January 12th at 7 p.m. and January 13th at 2 p.m. Call 561-886-8286 for tickets starting at $35.

Comedian Gary Valentine at the Boca Black Box. 8 p.m. Nine seasons on the hit CBS show “The King of Queens.” Shows also January 12th at 7 & 9 p.m. Call 483-9036. Tickets are $35.

January 12, 2019:

Radical Reptiles at Daggerwing Nature Center. 10:30 a.m. Ages 5+. Join naturalist for family friendly program. Reservations required: 561-629-8760.

Palm Beach Veggie Fest at Mizner Park Amphitheater. 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Free and open to public.

American Rustic at Kings Point Theatre at 2 p.m. Presented by Spanish River Concerts. Country and Folk Music. Call 1-800-716-6975 to buy tickets. Tickets start at $46.

Seriously Frank presented by Matthews Entertainment. Willow Theatre in Sugar Sand Park. 2 pm., 8 p.m. and January 13th at 2 p.m. 561-347-3948. Tickets are $35 per person.

A Shayna Maidel at the Levis JCC Sandler Center. The play explores family, faith and forgiveness. 7:30 p.m. Also January 13th at 2 p.m. and continuing through January 27th. For tickets, call 561-558-2520. $30 general admission.

January 13, 2019:

Farmer’s Market Sunday at Boca Center. 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Courtyard.

What I Learned in Brooklyn Don’t Behave Starring Comedian Steve Marshall at the Boca Black Box. 7 p.m. Tickets $25.

Boca Falls 2018 Report

The 3800 square foot 5-bedroom ranch at 21375 Falls Ridge Way (pictured above) fetched the highest price by far at $735,000.

34 homes sold in Boca Falls in 2018, with prices ranging from a high of $735,000 to a low of $422,500. There were also 33 listings that expired or canceled, making it about a 50% change that a listing will sell.

The average transaction was a 3000 square foot home selling for $560,000. Last year’s average was $586,000 for a 3200 square foot house. In dollar per square feet prices are up about 2%. Homes are taking a little longer to sell with the average at 77 days.

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Cabo Closure: Restaurant Inspection Report

Cabo Flats in Delray Marketplace; image by Google

As we close out the year, our latest inspection report features Cabo Flats in Delray Marketplace. We had a nice meal there in mid-December. But in late November they had a bad day, shut down by one live roach. They were able to reopen the same day so it wasn’t that bad.

The inspector noted a total of 25 violations including 7 marked high priority.

  • Employee handled soiled dishes or utensils and then handled clean dishes or utensils without washing hands….employee changed chemical for Dishmachine then grabbed clean container and engaged food prep without wash hands . Discussed with employee. **Corrected On-Site**
  • Food stored in ice used for drinks. …lemon , lime , olive stored in drink ice at bar. Employee discarded ice at time of inspection. **Corrected On-Site**
  • Live, small flying insects in kitchen, food preparation area, or food storage area….one live fly flying in the kitchen. **Repeat Violation**
  • Potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food cold held at greater than 41 degrees Fahrenheit…..pasta 50°, cooked carrots 50°, mushrooms 50°, corn 49°, red sauce 50°, butter 50° , cut lettuce 50°, cut tomatoes 50° , garlic in butter 50° in flip top reach in cooler across from stove at kitchen being held more than four hours. Salsa 50° in flip top reach in cooler at expo line being held more than four hours . Stop sale issue. Operator discarded food at time of inspection……chicken wings 49°, corn 50° in in bottom shelf in reach in cooler across from fryer at kitchen
  • Roach activity present as evidenced by live roaches found….one live roach top of reach in cooler.
  • Stop Sale issued on potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food due to temperature abuse…… Potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food cold held at greater than 41 degrees Fahrenheit…..pasta 50°, cooked carrots 50°, mushrooms 50°, corn 49°, red sauce 50°, butter 50° , cut lettuce 50°, cut tomatoes 50° , garlic in butter 50° in flip top reach in cooler across from stove at kitchen being held more than four hours. Salsa 50° in flip top reach in cooler at expo line being held more than four hours . **Repeat Violation**
  • Toxic substance/chemical stored by or with food…windex spray bottle with tortilla at dry storage. Manager moved spray bottle at time of inspection. **Corrected On-Site**

The lower level “basic” violations included this: “Dead roaches on premises….three dead roaches in oven at kitchen.”

On the bright side their follow-up inspection in mid-December was much better, though they still had food temperature issues.

Also in Delray Marketplace, Japango had 11 violations, 2 high priority.

The biggest surprise in the numbers was Addison Reserve Country Club. They had 23 violations including 13 high priority in mid-December.

Roaches shut down another restaurant, El Portal in Deerfield Beach, on December 17th.

The popularly Rise Sushi on SW 18th got popped with 13 violations, 4 high priority, in their new location closer to Powerline.

Shanghai City Chinese off Glades near the Turnpike had 11 violations with 2 high priority. Dominic’s near Home Depot had 10 violations, also 2 high priority.

Good News

On the good news side of things, the new Blaze Pizza in Shadowood had a perfect licensing inspection. There was also a perfect licensing inspection for “Kingdom Acai” in the plaza just north of the Sandalfoot Cumberland Farms. That may be replacing the Subway but we’re not sure about that.

Fit Foodz Cafe on Clint Moore was also perfect in a routine inspection. Zingers Deli in Shadowood just missed perfection with one violation. Also near perfect were Maoz Vegetarian in Town Center and New York Grilled Cheese by Mizner Park. Next door to the grilled cheese place, Warren’s favorite sushi place, Sushigo, had just 2 minor violations.

Coming soon to Boca Grove is the “All Meats Brazilian Steak House”, in an odd location on the backside of the building, around the corner from the kosher bagel place. They had a licensing inspection with just one violation. We stopped by there a few weeks ago but they were not ready to open yet.

There’s a new Peruvian place near Outback Steakhouse on SW 18th. It’s called Pukara and they had 3 violations in their licensing inspection.

In Mission Bay, Teriyaki Madness had just one minor violation on a call back. Tijuana Flats and First Watch did well with 2 violations each. Duffy’s did okay with 5 violations. Lime Fresh Mexican across the street in Shadowood had 6 violations, still pretty good.

Along the Clint Moore corridor, Ben’s Deli had 6 violations and Villa Rosano had 5. On the Military Trail side TooJay’s and Offerdahls’ had 3 minor violations each, Chipotle had 4, while Manhattan Joe’s Pizza and Burton’s Grill had 5 each

Along Glades Road, Chipotle at 441 had just one minor violation. Einstein Bagels in Shadowood had 2 minor ones. In Boca Lyons Plaza, Shen’s Peking, Wendy’s and Miller’s Ale House had 3 minor violations each. In Somerset Shoppes Rancheritos and Boca Grill had 4 violations each.

Our full spreadsheet is available in PDF form.

2019 Changes for West Boca News

Changes are coming to West Boca News. We have been building and growing since roughly 2012. We started with this website then expanded onto Facebook, Twitter, an e-mail list, and most recently we’ve been doing more on Instagram.

Going forward there are two changes for 2019. They won’t affect most of our readers, but they’re big for us.


We will be offering a subscription option for our followers. If you subscribe, you will get access to premium content. The highlight of this will be the return of detailed local crime reports with analysis. This is something we hope to start soon.

We stopped doing most local crime reporting a couple years ago for a few reasons. Most important for now is the fact that Facebook is anti-free speech and punishes users who post content of various types. Even our recent and less involved local crime reports have been flagged. Facebook specifically points to “judicial proceedings” as a problem. So we’re moving this off Facebook as much as possible.

Subscribers will also get full access to detailed restaurant inspection reports. We will continue some free inspection reporting but it will be limited.

Other content will include videos of incidents, and other things that we have not been publishing because of Facebook restrictions.

We expect the subscriptions to cost $5/month and hope to have this up and running by the end of January. Facebook is offering its own subscription program at $5/month, but we can’t use that because of their restrictions.


We are ready to expand our advertising for local businesses. We used to limit ourselves to 15 advertisers which meant one ad post a day. We have been brushing up against that limit for several months.

Going forward we will now accept up to 30 advertisers so our readers may now see two ad posts on some days. To kick this off we are offering a New Year special. If you start in January you’ll only pay $199/month and you’ll lock in that rate through the end of the year. Starting February 1 the rate goes up to $249.

If you’d like to advertise with us, please e-mail warren@westbocanews.com.For those who might complain, please recognize that we put a lot of time into West Boca News and we make very little money at it. As a result we have been inconsistent in our restaurant inspection reports and have limited our efforts in other ways. The subscription model gives us the incentive to do more.