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Boca Sub Shop Closed: Rodents

A chain sub sandwich shop in East Boca was forced to temporarily close by restaurant inspectors after they found something rodent-related. That and details on 18 more restaurant inspections from the past week in our full article below.

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Red Sox Sign West Boca’s Zach Schneider

West Boca native Zach Schneider, a pitcher, signed with the Boston Red Sox as a free agent:

Schneider grew up in the Waterways subdivision of Boca Winds at the far west end of Palmetto Park Road, across the street from his first school, Waters Edge Elementary. He may have attended Loggers’ Run Middle School but we haven’t confirmed that yet. We know he pitched in the summer for the West Boca Snappers.

He moved on to American Heritage Delray, Polk State College (2017 Team MVP) and had an outstanding run at FAU.

We reached out to family and family friends.

So proud of Zach for all his focus and dedication to fulfill his dream since he was a little boy.

Lisa Oken, family friend

Zach was good friends with my daughter throughout elementary school and middle school. I always knew he would make it. He was dedicated to baseball at such a young age, I remember my daughters half-day pool parties – Zach always came late and was always in his baseball uniform! Great kid and an amazing family! Well deserved! Way to go Zach! 

Gail Nobile Field, neighbor and family friend

Schneider had his own comment on Instagram:

We wish him good luck on his journey.

Tesla and Misleading Media Myths

Those who follow Tesla in the news face an ongoing barraging of misleading information in the mainstream media about the company and its competition. One of the most prominent myths lately is that Tesla faces a demand problem. This is absurd.

This just reared its ugly head yet again with yesterday’s Washington Post article. Another in a long line of hit pieces on Tesla, this one repeated the nonsense that Tesla suffers from demand problems: “demand from Chinese and European consumers hasn’t materialized as planned.”

Meanwhile author Faiz Siddiqui trumpets the “well-reviewed” electric SUVs from Jaguar and Audi, as well as “mass market” EVs like the Chevy Bolt and Nissan Leaf. Siddiqui failed to notice the stunning lack of demand for these cars.

I was curious to see how they’re doing, and started by checking with my nearest Jaguar dealer, which is in Fort Lauderdale.

They have an inventory of 26 I-Pace vehicles. That’s in just one dealership. There’s another 15 sitting in Palm Beach and more in Miami, Naples, Fort Myers, Orlando and so on, all within 200 miles of West Boca.

By comparison, I looked on the Tesla website to check Model X inventory. There are exactly ZERO vehicles in inventory within 200 miles of my home zip code.

Tesla sold 1375 of the Model X in May. That’s more than Jaguar sold of the I-Pace so far this year (data from InsideEVs). Jaguar has so many I-Paces in inventory it suggests they can’t sell them.

I also checked the Chevy Bolt. We have a Chevy dealership only a few miles from our house. It’s not pretty.

They’re offering massive discounts on the Bolt. Why? Because no one is buying them. The Nissan Leaf is such a dud our local dealership in Coral Springs doesn’t appear to be selling them. I can’t find it on their website.

The real demand story in the electric vehicle market is that EVs from other brands do face a demand problem.

We’ve written about Tesla before and the coming transportation revolution. The EVs from most car companies are well behind Tesla on the technological front, especially when it comes to self-driving features, but also on performance, range, and more.

Siddiqui also writes:

Tesla’s competition will accelerate as automakers including Volkswagen, Porsche, BMW, Volvo and Mercedes-Benz begin to unveil their premium electric vehicles in coming months, buoyed by the known quantity of their brands, existing manufacturing expertise and huge dealership networks.

Starting with the Volkswagen brand is odd after the huge hit the brand took from their diesel scandal. Porsche does not have a “huge dealership network” with fewer than 190 dealers in the US. It’s far from clear why a dealership network is a plus in the modern world. Tesla’s network of over 1500 charging stations is far more important for those buying electric cars.

The vaunted manufacturing expertise of these companies is focused on internal combustion engines. Tesla has far more expertise with electric vehicles.

Getting back to demand, Tesla has sold 57,000 cars in the US through May, more than twice as many cars as Porsche’s 25,000 and also more than Volvo’s 40,000. Globally Tesla sold more cars than either Porsche or Jaguar in the first quarter of 2019. The Model 3 is easily outselling gas powered competitors from BMW, Mercedes and others, and the second quarter is projected to be far bigger for Tesla than the first quarter.

The biggest hurdle for Tesla is battery production as Elon Musk himself recently noted. They’re working on it and it sounds like they’re making progress. This is also a problem for other car companies trying to make electric vehicles. They have to get batteries too, and unlike Tesla they don’t make their own. Oddly the media rarely talks about how difficult and expensive it is for other companies to get batteries for their EVs.

Most likely the media will continue to attack Tesla and spread FUD – fear, uncertainty and doubt. But EV buyers have already figured them out, and investors won’t be far behind.

Disclosure: The author owns stock directly in Tesla and Honda, and effectively in most car companies through equity mutual funds. He also owns a VW sedan.

Sample Crime Report – June

This is a sample crime report with identifying information and other details removed. The full report is here for subscribers.

It’s a pretty quiet week for our crime report but we cover two robberies with details along with the highly publicized one at Bed Bath & Beyond. We also have incidents involving drugs, fraud, assault and battery, and we’ll see what else. We still have no update on the burglary in Arbor Woods.

26-year-old [Omitted] was arrested for robbery by Boca PD. The [West Boca] resident allegedly demanded money from his victim and then punched him in the face. The victim, a 27-year-old male student, started to take money out of his wallet when [Omitted] grabbed it and rode off on his bicycle.

He is charged with robbery. We don’t see any other criminal cases against [Omitted].

[Omitted] previously appeared in one of our March reports, and has a lengthy history. In this incident he was at the Marathon gas station on Federal Highway and asked a male customer for spare change. When the customer said no [Omitted] confronted him and allegedly said he had “a piece.” A fight ensued and ended quickly with the victim holding [Omitted] down. [Omitted] hit the victim in the head while he was being held down.

Unfortunately the gas station security cameras were not working. Nevertheless Boca PD arrested [Omitted] and charged him with robbery and battery.

[Omitted], a 25-year-old groundskeeper who lives in East Boca, was arrested at the beach in Delray. Delray PD found him and another guy on one of the lifeguard towers after midnight. [Omitted] had “no pants or underwear on” and was urinating off the tower onto the beach.

He was uncooperative, calling the police officers “pussies” and “cunts” among other issues. Unusually the identity of the officers is hidden in the police affidavit. They charged him with trespassing in the lifeguard tower, disorderly intoxication, indecent exposure, and resisting without violence.

[Omitted] had a DUI in 2018 with a year of probation, so he may have additional troubles with that.

[Omitted] (21) lives in the [Omitted] Apartments [in West Boca]. She was arrested at [Omitted] in Town Center for retail theft along with a felony charge of organized fraud.

The probable cause affidavit indicates two different crimes. In the first she had a pattern of buying an item and returning with receipt, taking the same item off the shelf and then returning it. She had done this a few times.

On the date of her arrest she was preparing to do a return and while doing so also took several items and hid them in her purse.

We see no prior cases for her.

[Omitted] (21) of East Boca was arrested on a warrant from Broward for failing to cooperate with probation. He has had a string of marijuana arrests over the past few years including one arrest in West Boca in 2016 where he was also charged with unlawful possession of a concealed firearm. Those charges were dropped. In 2017 he had an arrest in Broward for punching his girlfriend which knocked her out and required staples. He got probation for that as well.

So far it seems like he keeps getting breaks. though we think marijuana should be legal anyway. The probation violation may create bigger problems for him.

[Couple cases omitted]

[Omitted] (56) of [Central Boca] was arrested for domestic battery and felony possession of Xanax. Police were called on a domestic dispute, determined that she was the aggressor in an argument with her husband and arrested her for battery. During a search she produced a Xanax pill from her pocket and was unable to produce a prescription. We see no prior cases for her.

[Case omitted]

[Omitted] (28) of Watergate Estates was arrested at West Boca Medical Center. She was visiting a patient, began arguing with the patient and then refused to leave. She did go down to the lobby where she argued with security guards and threatened the deputy.

She was arrested for trespass, resisting without violence, and assault. We see an extensive history dating back to 2007, including four different felony cases.

[Omitted] (36) was arrested for battery on deputies at her home in Southwind Lakes. Her ex-husband was trying to drop the kids off but she was allegedly drunk so he called PBSO.

During the encounter she lunged at her ex multiple times while police were in the way, and thus was charged with battery on those deputies.

We see no other cases for her.

[Omitted] (31) of East Boca was arrested for domestic battery after hitting her boyfriend. They had been out drinking and the incident occurred on the way home around 3 am.

Upon investigating further Boca PD found that [Omitted] had left her 8-year-old child home alone while she was out drinking for an extended period, so they added a charge of child neglect. We see no other cases for her.

[More cases omitted]

Robbery Drugs and More: Crime June 8th

It's a pretty quiet week for our crime report but we cover two robberies with details along with the highly publicized one at Bed Bath & Beyond. We also have incidents involving drugs, fraud, assault and battery, and we'll see what else. We still have no update on the burglary in Arbor Woods.

For those who don't see the value in these articles, we created a sample article removing identifying information and some other details.

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