Puccini's Pizzeria – Yamato & 441

We had dinner last night at Puccini’s Pizza, in the HSBC Plaza on the southeast corner of Yamato and 441.
We did not have pizza on this visit. They have great pizza! We’ve seen plenty of strong reviews of it (see Google for example) and wanted to try some other dishes.
We had three dishes:
Tortellini Alfredo – This was pretty good. The pasta was very good but we’ve had better alfredo sauces.
Side of meatballs – Also pretty good. We’ve had better, but still okay. The meatballs had some flavor and the sauce was a little thin.
Broccoli rabe with sausage – Not bad. The plate was heavy on the sausage and a little light on the broccoli rabe. More important – the flavor was excellent. But it’s pricey – $12 for this item.
The service was excellent. There was an annoying table with screaming kids, but it’s hard to blame the restaurant for that.
Overall I’d say this is a great place for pizza, and okay for other dishes.
A couple of notes:
Smokehouse Grill and Wingery next door has apparently closed; and
The Puccini’s website may be having problems. When we searched for it on Google, clicking the link led us to some spammy websites. However, we still were able to get to the actual site sometimes. This is the link for the chain, but we can’t promise it’ll get you to the right place: Puccini’s Pizza.

Author: Warren Redlich

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