Utopia Bagel at Boca Lyons

We had mixed views on Utopia Bagel this morning. On the up side, the food was good (though not spectacular) and inexpensive. You could easily get breakfast for less than $5 each, though we spent a little more.
On the down side, the interior is dark and drab. Service is essentially cafeteria style, with plastic and styrofoam cups and plates.
We both had eggs. I had a ham, sausage and bacon omelette with peppers and onions, which was very good. It should probably come with a free Lipitor, but instead it comes with potatoes, a bagel, a very small orange juice, and coffee or tea.
The potatoes were okay but bland. There was little seasoning and I didnt notice any onions or peppers.
For my breakfast buddy, the drabness outweighed everything else. But I still liked it. I’m sure I’ll be back but I might be alone.
Utopia Bagel is in Boca Lyons Plaza next to Ethan Allen.
–Update– I do in fact return somewhat often, alone. The food has grown on me and the staff are great.

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