West Boca Chamber Breakfast Report

The West Boca Chamber had its breakfast meeting at Lakeside Terrace. This was a last minute location change and there were problems getting the word out.
Breakfast was good, a buffet with scrambled eggs, and plenty more. I had the amusing experience of finding a fly doing the backstroke. The staff responded promptly and politely. It is a pleasant venue. Approximately 65 people attended.

Kait Parker was this morning’s speaker.

She delivered an informative explanation called “Surviving the Storm” about the upcoming hurricane season.
Due to her morning air time, she wakes up before 2 am every day. She joked that she does not answer questions about chemtrails or climate change.
September is the peak month for hurricanes. June and July are not as active. Things heat up in August and due out in November.

Category 1 events hit our area about every 6 years. They hit Miami more. Our area has had more in October than September.
Doesn’t matter how many storms there are. It matters where they go. If they’re “fish storms” no one cares. 20 named storms in 2010, but no one remembers them. Only 6 named storms in 1992. One was named Andrew.
The northeast quadrant is the most dangerous – it has the rotational wind speed aligned with the speed of the storm’s motion. The back half of the storm is also dangerous because it grabs the stuff that was already thrown and throws it back, and further dislodges the stuff that was loosened.
She recommends:
Family plan
Handcrank radio
Hurricane supply kit
More details on the WPTV hurricane page.
West Boca is not in the evacuation zone (mostly east of I-95). We should stay home because the roads need to be clear for those who have to evacuate. We are far less vulnerable to storm surge but wind risk is identical.
Ms. Parker was a wonderful speaker, and her talk was well received.

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