Le Macaron at Boca Grove

Update: Le Macaron has closed, expected to reopen as Tulipe Cafe, a French bakery.
Le Macaron is very new in the Boca Grove plaza, between Bonefish Grill and Kyojin Buffet.

The main attraction is a diverse assortment of “Macaron”, a pastry that is vaguely like an Oreo, but the cookie part is softer and lighter, with very rich fillings.

There are about 20 varieties of Macaron, if not more.
in addition there are chocolates, croissants, and gelato.

Four of us had 6 of the Macaron, 3 chocolates and some gelato – all delicious. Next time we have to try the croissants.
I spoke briefly with the owner and his family. They moved here from Marseilles a few months ago, a big life change. We hope they do well.
One last look at the Macaron:


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