Sushi Yoshee on 441

Sushi Yoshee is the best Korean food in West Boca. It’s also the only Korean food. The name suggests Japanese food and they do that well but the Korean cuisine is outstanding.
Going south on 441 Yoshee is on the right just past Sandalfoot Plaza and Marina/SW 18th St.
The interior is pleasant but unremarkable. Here’s a panorama shot.


We ordered Korean combos from the lunch menu. It comes with soup or salad and we both chose Miso Soup which was fine.

The more popular combo is probably the Bul Go Gi, thinly sliced steak cooked in a sweet marinade. The combo includes kim chi (spicy pickled cabbage), white rice, dumplings in a light sweet sauce, noodles in a different light sweet sauce, and an extra – today it was Asian mushrooms.

I had the pork version, which is spicy and has noticeably fatty meat. It’s delicious if you like that sort of thing. But don’t tell your cardiologist or your gastroenterologist.

When you do this for dinner it is accompanied by little side dishes. For lunch you have to ask for it and it costs a couple bucks extra. I don’t know exactly what they are but I like them anyway.

What’s missing? In the best Korean restaurants the meat is served raw and you cook it yourself on a grill built into the table, similar to Yakiniku in Japanese cuisine. But they don’t seem to be set up for that here. And these two dishes would be served with large pieces of lettuce that you use like tortillas, along with a spicy paste. Maybe they do that for dinner. Despite that, Sushi Yoshee’s Korean is still great food and highly recommended.
With tip lunch cost a bit over $30.

Author: Warren Redlich

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