Spanish River High School Experiences Record Flooding

On May 2, 2013 a huge thunderstorm hit parts of Boca Raton and Delray Beach. Spanish River High and surrounding areas experienced 7-9 inches of rainfall that day.
As a student at Spanish River, it was really unbelievable to see the destruction a storm could do in just one day to our school. I stepped outside after school that day to see a student parking lot that almost resembled a lake. I was one of the several hundred students who had to trudge through the knee deep waters to get to my car.
Due to the fact that there was water past cars’ exhaust pipes in some areas of the student and teacher parking lot, about 40 cars were stuck and had to be towed. Along with that, a couple accidents occurred due to the poor conditions in the lot and a few students were splashed by the wake the cars created. On the other hand, a couple of students decided to take advantage of the opportunity so they brought out their boards and skim boarded around the parking lot.
For some, this storm was a really unfortunate event; for others, the storm and flooding was a fun and unique experience.
Overnight, the lot had drained, and school resumed as usual.

Credit: Christine Alfano

Author: Warren Redlich

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