An East Boca Haircut Adventure

Some days just feel like a Seinfeld episode. Today I was in a East Boca with time to kill. Apparently that’s the wrong attitude to take into the Cutting Lounge.

It’s in a nondescript plaza across from Mizner Park. The website says to book an appointment. Knowing I’d be nearby, I called to do so. They said to just come in.
When I arrived there were two barbers working on customers. One told me to have a seat.
After a half hour I realized I didn’t have nearly as much time as I’d need. Maybe these guys are spectacular artists but I don’t see how a men’s haircut can take so long. I had no idea how much longer the wait would be or even who was next. It’s Sunday afternoon and they didn’t even have a TV with football on.
I left. No one asked me why I was leaving. They didn’t care – didn’t even notice.
As I was driving to my next stop in East Boca, I noticed Hair on Fire at the corner of Palmetto and 1st (just west of Dixie and the railroad). I walked in and there were four women and no customers. Leona sat me down and did a thorough and professional job. It was only $10 plus tip.
So, if you’re ever in East Boca with time to kill and need a trim, based on this brief experience we recommend Hair on Fire. Cutting Lounge might be excellent if you don’t mind the wait.


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