Northwest Sandalfoot Plaza

west-sandalfoot-panoramaYou’ve heard the horse with no name and the unnamed soldier. Well there’s this one shopping plaza we love in West Boca and it doesn’t seem to have a name. It’s on the northwest corner of Sandalfoot and 441. The image above is a panorama shot showing the whole plaza from the Cumberland Farms gas station south of them to Rental-Mart USA on the north end.
This plaza is so different from typical Boca life. It’s not fancy. You don’t see Bentleys and Maseratis in the parking lot. The stores are definitely ethnic, especially Brazilian, Colombian, and even Israeli.
Above is a closer look at the northernmost end of the plaza. On the far left of the picture, and in the middle of this building, you see the new Pita-n-Go, a Glatt Kosher restaurant we hope to visit soon for a full review. That location used to be Sagi’s Grill, which was also a Kosher restaurant. Moving to the right there’s a Benjamin Moore paint store, Santos Seguros insurance agency, a Metro PCS cell phone store, the Rental-Mart USA, a Spanish/Latino financial storefront, and an empty spot at the end that looks like it used to be office space.
Here’s the front of Pita-n-Go:
Next up, below, is the southern end of the same building.
You can see a cleaner, a jewelry store that advertises Cash for Gold, the China Spring II restaurant, Sergio’s Americas Bakery (Colombian restaurant), a barber, a tattoo parlor, and a Papa John’s pizza.
In the south building there’s (from left again) A B Tile & Marble, a Brazilian Jewelry store, Bijou Bijou (a small boutique), Casa do Pao (a Brazilian bakery), a check cashing place, a Brazilian “supermarket”, a Dunkin Donuts, and the Picanha Brazil steakhouse buffet.
The two “bakeries” are also restaurants with reasonably priced meals and pretty good food. English might not be the first language in the Latin stores, but they speak well enough for English-only customers to get by. While the store workers could always improve their English by seeking language support from somewhere like AJ’s website, they speak good enough English for a comfortable shopping experience. The “supermarket” has an interesting variety of items you will not find in Publix or Walmart.
As for names, we did find one reference to the north building as West Boca North Center and another reference to the two buildings as Hillsboro I & II, but neither of those seems solid. The two buildings are owned by Hillsboro Office Building LLC, along with other owners. The addresses per the county appraiser are 22749 and 22797 South State Road 7. We might suggest Northwest Sandalfoot Plaza, but we doubt the owners are interested in our opinion.
We should note also that the gas station is making good progress, but it’s not open yet.

Author: Warren Redlich

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