Crime Report: A Manic Monday

David Crance (left) and James Rinaldi
David Crance (left) and James Rinaldi

David Crance (45) and James Rinaldi (40) were arrested Monday afternoon by the Sheriff on drug charges including possession of cocaine. There may also have been opiates, prescription drugs and drug “equipment” involved. Their reported address is toward the west end of Sandalfoot Blvd, near Tradewind Road, on a street of trailer homes.
Mr. Crance has had several criminal cases in the Palm Beach courts dating back to 1997, mostly involving drugs or driving with some kind of license or registration problems. Mr. Rinaldi has fewer cases with a greater proportion of them being non-criminal traffic offenses. The two also have cases from mid-December, charged with selling cocaine in a school zone. It looks from the records like those two incidents are included in the present charges, and it’s possible there are multiple incidents.
All criminal defendants are innocent until proven guilty, and drug cases generally seem counterproductive. Of course if drugs were being sold to kids in a school zone, that’s a larger concern, though a problem that would be lessened if drug prohibition were repealed.
barbara-kellyBarbara Kelly was also arrested Monday afternoon for child neglect and for resisting an officer. Her listed address is also near Sandalfoot Blvd, closer to 441.
In our experience, child neglect and “resisting an officer” charges are very difficult for the prosecution to prove and often improperly charged.

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