That's a Wrap in Mission Bay

20140123-153123.jpgThat’s a Wrap has been open in Mission Bay Plaza for a while now. We stopped in when they first opened but the music was so loud we left. That problem is long gone and we just had a nice lunch.
It’s right in front of a Padrino’s between Office Max and Panera, an interesting location because the menu is fairly similar to Panera – mostly sandwiches and salads.
That’s a Wrap cost us a few bucks more than our typical Panera outings, but we like both the food and ambience better. Panera feels a bit too corporate by comparison.
As you enter there’s a specials board. It’s handwritten. We saw them writing it when we got there.

Inside there’s a large menu on the wall and you can custom order and watch it being made. Like Panera you can order and they will bring it out to you.

We each had a sandwich. The Italian combo had great quality meats and the soft mozzarella was a nice touch.

The meatball was also excellent. It was one of the daily specials and came with provolone.

Both had the same bread, which was thick with a light and airy texture inside. It’s a close call but we’d say it’s slightly better than at Panera. They also came with sides, in our case one with pasta salad and the other with fresh fruit.
We still like Panera and will go to both places. But we may visit That’s a Wrap a bit more often.

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