Arrests: Olympic Heights Kids Cop Credit Cards From Cars

In late February we posted about vehicle break-ins in Saturnia Isles on our West Boca News Facebook page:
PBSO deputies seem to have cracked that one. They arrested West Boca’s Patrick Soares (below right, 17) along with Luis Gonzalez-Vinces (left, 19) of the Pine Ridge neighborhood in Delray Beach.

Gonzalez-Vinces and Soares
Gonzalez-Vinces and Soares

Soares is a resident of Boca Isles North, and is charged with two fraud counts. He is reportedly a former student of Olympic Heights. Gonzalez-Vinces, a current student there, faces more charges. More details can be found in the Sun-Sentinel. They also had an article a few months ago covering Soares personal history and the efforts of a West Boca family to help him. The two have no significant criminal history but Soares did pile up a few traffic tickets in the past year.
Whalen and DiGiovanni
Whalen and DiGiovanni

Jason Whalen (above left, 24) was arrested for DUI in the city of Boca Raton early Wednesday morning. His reported address is in The Lakes of Boca Raton, northwest of the intersection of Yamato and Cain. If we’ve got the right guy, he is a graduate of West Boca High, played baseball for Hillsborough Community College, got a scholarship to play for the University of Tampa, but played instead for Lynn University.
Charles DiGiovanni (above right, 59) was arrested early this morning for DUI by Boca city police. He is listed as a resident of Boca Isles North. Court records show a DUI charge in 2010 with probation revoked in 2011. The current charge does not show up yet in court records.
park-lopresto-mallet-batteryThree area residents were arrested for battery and/or related charges. Jong Park (above left, 37) was arrested Tuesday morning. His reported address is in Meadow Lakes. Other media reported that he threw a toaster at his wife and pulled her hair when she wasn’t in the mood.
lopresto-tongueKayla LoPresto (above center, 26) was arrested on Friday evening. Her reported address is near the corner of Sandalfoot and Tradewinds. She scores points for sticking out her tongue in this picture and she apparently made a name for herself recently as a Tampa homewrecker.
Preston Mallett (above right, 30) was arrested for battery and witness tampering on Saturday. His reported address is in the Lakes at Boca Raton making Cain Blvd. the winner in this week’s arrest report. Perennial contender Sandalfoot might have won if Jews flying a KKK flag from their trailer was an actual crime instead of merely a crime against sanity.
Mallett (possibly spelled Mallet) might just be a Cajun, a fan of LSU and the Saints, and of the popular Glock line of handguns.
Other likes include Duck Dynasty, legalizing marijuana, Budweiser and bikini bowfishing. We’re starting to like this guy.
Curtis Sanderbeck (above left, 43) was arrested early Thursday for a county ordinance violation and an out-of-county warrant, possibly from Broward. His reported address is on Sandalfoot Blvd. He’s still being held on a $100 bond for that warrant. Court records show several cases for him dating back to 2009.
Amanda Helwig (right, 28) was arrested around the same time by the deputies for driving with a suspended or revoked license, some kind of fraud, and failure to appear. Court records date the fraud/forgery charge back to 2006, which we suspect will be awfully hard to prove. Her reported address is east of the FAU campus but a PBSO arrest suggests the stop occurred outside the city. Helwig appears to be a Boca High grad and may be related to Spanish River’s Brooke Helwig, who appeared on West Boca News in January.
Atila DeAraujo
Atila DeAraujo

Atila DeAraujo (17) was arrested Monday evening by deputies for two counts of robbery with a firearm. He remains in jail awaiting a $50,000 bond on each count. His father and sister appeared in court on the 5th when bond was set, and he was assigned a public defender.
dearaujo-djxfreakxMr. DeAraujo appears to be a student at Boca High. His reported address is in East Boca, but the arrest was by deputies suggesting the offense took place outside city lines.

Author: Warren Redlich

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