Restaurant Inspections: February

Most West Boca restaurants did reasonably well in their recent inspections. Among the worst was the “Sandalfood Bagel Restaurant” (that’s the official spelling) with 12 violations in Sandalfoot Plaza. It was bad enough that a follow-up inspection is required.
Nearby Tricky Dick’s Pub had only one violation. China Wok had 12 violations but none were high priority. Across 441 at the southern end of town, Pizza Chef Bistro had six violations with four of them high priority. This included an employee working with food without washing hands first and another violation where a worker touched food with bare hands – the report is not clear if it was the same worker. Picanha Brazil, which we’ve reviewed and liked, had eight.
Pei Wei Asian Diner on Beracasa had ten violations including three that were high priority. Nino’s Restaurant & Pizza in the same plaza had 12 violations. Nearby Boca Kosher Bagel, which opened in November, had 12 violations.
Lakeside Terrace near the Turnpike had only two violations, which is about as good as it gets. Saito’s Japanese Steakhouse had five violations, also reasonably good.
Several places in the Town Center mall had good results, including Tobu Teriyaki Grill (2 violations), Macy’s Taste Bar (2), and Chick Fil A (1). 40 Carrots and Petrossian, in Bloomingdales, had 5 each, which still isn’t terrible. Yogen Fruz had 9, which is not great especially for a place with such a limited menu.
First Watch on St. Andrews had 4 violations with none high priority. Juice & Java there had 4 violations with 2 high priority. Panera in Town Center Circle had 5 violations, while Brio in the same plaza had 3 and the Marriott had 10.
Rise Modern Asian on SW 18th (near Military Trail) had 10 violations. Yogurt Emporium in the same plaza can brag they had zero, a rare accomplishment. We see a Fleming’s Bistro had 6, including 3 that were high priority, but we can’t confirm that one on the official database. Oba Brazilian closer to Powerline had 10.
Yokohama Sushi in Boca Lyons Plaza, which we reviewed in 2012, had 7 violations including 2 listed as “high priority”. Hashi Sushi Thai in Shadowood had 8 violations, though only 1 was high priority. The McDonalds in Shadowood had 4 violations.
The Hilton Suite Hotel near the Turnpike had 4 violations including 2 that were “high priority”. The Boca Lago Clubhouse had 8 violations.
Fit Foodz Cafe in The Reserve (Clint Moore and 441) had 5 violations but all were low priority. Brendy’s in the same plaza had 3 violations. Ben’s had 6. TGI Friday’s in Mission Bay had only 2 violations.

Author: Warren Redlich

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