Tilus Lebrun Arrested for Murder at Jimmy the Greek

Update: Crime scene photos added at bottom. Sensitive readers should not go to the bottom as the photos are bloody.

Tilus Lebrun mugshot from PBSO

Tilus Lebrun (42) appears to be the man arrested for murder in the Jimmy the Greek stabbings. The Sheriff’s blotter shows he was booked at 1:34 am this morning on two counts of homicide. One count is in the first degree as premeditated, and the other is felony murder.
Last night we were contacted by several readers about an incident near the intersection of Glades Road and Boca Rio, with police at the gas station on the southwest corner and other activity on the north side of Glades near the International Jewelry Exchange and the Dunkin Donuts.
Reader photo
Reader photo of scene near Jimmy the Greek stabbings

Reports from Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office and Palm Beach County Fire Rescue indicated that there was double stabbing at the Jimmy the Greek restaurant, two victims were airlifted to Delray Medical Center’s trauma unit, and a suspect was in custody. The Sheriff indicated that one employee had stabbed two others.
jimmy-the-greek-logoLater on we heard unconfirmed reports that one of the victims was Jimmy “the Greek” Karaloukas, that he’d died, and that the other victim was “fighting for his life.” The Sheriff’s blotter entry, with two counts of murder and no other counts, suggests that both victims may have died. The Sheriff’s Media Relations office indicates that one victim is still alive.
Update: “Jimmy the Greek” Karaloukas confirmed dead.
In reviewing the blotter, we see no other arrests for violent crimes from the time the incident happened (roughly 8 pm last night) through this morning. Lebrun’s arrest is the only one that fits.
217 NW 15th Ct.
217 NW 15th Ct.
Mr. Lebrun’s reported address per the blotter is a small house in Pompano Beach, just east of the Pompano Beach Airpark. The Broward appraiser lists the owners as “CHARLES, CLAIRE D H/E AUGUSTIN, MARKENSON.” Mr. Lebrun has had three traffic tickets in the Palm Beach County courts, all minor. We see no other history for him there, and nothing in Broward at all. Our research suggests he may have lived in Belle Glade in the past.
Of course, it is early at this point. There is no court record of the case yet, and no official statements from any agencies or people involved. We can’t confirm the identity of either the victims or the alleged attacker. West Boca News will update this story once we have more information. For now, as always, all arrestees are innocent until proven guilty.
Crime Scene Photos
The crime scene is very bloody, as to be expected and it’s even been suggested that a crime scene cleanup atlanta crew will be been called in to do a professional cleaning job, removing bloodstains, once all evidence has been collected. We visited the location this morning, took some pictures, and spoke with workers in nearby stores. None of the people we spoke with recognized the picture of Mr. Lebrun. A woman who works in the salon next door related speaking to Jimmy as she left last night around 6:30 pm. He invited her to have a cup of Greek coffee, but she didn’t have time. Workers at Dunkin Donuts were unaware there had been any incident at all.
On the side of the restaurant there is a bloody scene:
The side area had been marked off as a crime scene last night. This morning the tape was actually hanging down on the railing. The bloody area is near the side door from the back of the restaurant.
Disclosure: We have eaten at Jimmy the Greek many times and published a guest review from a local high school student not too long ago. In 2012 we attended a West Boca Chamber breakfast at Jimmy the Greek. Somewhat ironically, the speaker that morning was Captain Eisenberg of the Sheriff’s West Boca division, talking about local crime statistics.

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