Arrest Week: Gangster Grandma Gordon?

All arrestees are innocent until proven guilty.
Okay, so the headline may be a little over the top. But Century Village’s Pamela Gordon (59) has been accused of a several offenses over the past couple years.
In the latest, on Thursday she was arrested on 11 counts including obtaining controlled substances by fraud, swindling, practicing medicine without a license, and forging prescriptions.
Court records show this is her fourth in a string of felonies dating back to May of 2012, on top of a misdemeanor retail theft arrest in 2009.
Per the Palm Beach Post, she was arrested last year for allegedly bilking an 88-year-old neighbor of thousands of dollars, for which she was sentenced to 60 months (5 years) of probation. A month earlier she had been arrested for forgery and theft, and those charges were dropped by prosecutors.
The 2012 felony arrest for grand theft, apparently at the old Beall’s, was “down filed” to a misdemeanor petit theft and she was sentenced to 6 months of probation. Her 2009 misdemeanor was resolved with a fine and “adjudication withheld.”
Grandma Gangster Gordon’s run may be over for at least a little while. She has not yet been released and there’s a remote possibility that our court system will finally hold her accountable – assuming she’s guilty of course.
gibson-abscondedIn other arrest news, Aaron Gibson (above left, 29) was arrested on Wednesday on a fugitive warrant from another state. North Carolina DPS records have him listed as an “absconder,” and show a history of multiple larcenies. His reported address is in Boca Gardens, southeast of the intersection of 441 and Boca Chase.
Dante Narze (2nd from left, 18) was booked early Wednesday morning accused of disorderly conduct and child neglect. He was released that afternoon. The Sun-Sentinel reported this was a fight with another teen at Sandalfoot Cove Park, a hundred yards or so from Narze’s reported address. Narze is a current or former student at Olympic Heights.
Rossi Laboy (far right, 36, Boca Del Mar) was arrested Wednesday for making false reports to deputy sheriffs. The Sun-Sentinel said she crashed her SUV at the Publix near Palmetto and Powerline, then fled and falsely reported it stolen. Court records show a couple of other minor scrapes with the law over the past few years.
We see three recent arrests for crimes of violence. First, Matthew Brown (left, 33, Boca Del Mar) was arrested Saturday for battery. Court records show two previous cases, one for driving without a license back in 2010, and a disorderly intoxication charge in 2012 that was dropped.
Justin Bowman (center, 17) returns to our pages, arrested Tuesday on battery and domestic strangling charges. He was previously in a West Boca News arrest story in January. Then his reported address was near Lakeridge and Yamato, but he has a new address in East Boca. He remains in the Main Detention Center.
Joseph Balliro (right, 42) also makes a return to West Boca News, arrested Monday for aggravated battery on a pregnant victim. His previous appearance was only a couple weeks ago. Balliro has a lengthy history in South Florida courts. This time they seem to actually be keeping him in jail for a little while as he has not been released yet and bond is set at approximately $60,000.
Last and least, we have four more arrests in the failed war on drugs. David Crance (left, 45) was arrested on cocaine, marijuana and other charges. He previously appeared in West Boca News on a Manic Monday in January for similar charges. His reported address is in the western section of the Sandalfoot trailers.
Shirley Norwood (2nd from left, 66) was arrested Wednesday for obtaining controlled substances by fraud. She is another resident of Century Village, and may be a talented musician and singer.
Stephanie Cioffi (3rd from left, 24) was arrested early Thursday by Boca PD for marijuana and possession of Xanax without a prescription.
Ms. Cioffi appears to be a graduate of Olympic Heights and friends with other recent arrestees who have appeared in West Boca News.
Nicholas Thomas (far right, 27) was arrested on Thursday up in Palm Beach Gardens on charges involving controlled substances without prescriptions. His reported address is near Crance’s in the Sandalfoot trailers.

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