Restaurant Inspections: Late March

Update: Thanks to a reader tip, we learned that Holloway’s Irish Pub 2 (by Carrabba’s on SW 18th and Powerline) had a perfect inspection with zero violations.
Here’s our restaurant inspection report for late March (and into early April). We’ll mostly go by location, but the worst of the reports were the following:
1. Shorty’s Bar-B-Q in The Reserve on the southeast corner of 441 and Clint Moore. Jeff Eats reviewed them in 2012. We’ve been there and thought it was okay but didn’t love it.
The inspector noted a total of 16 violations. None of them looked terrible but 16 is a big number from what we’re used to seeing. “Employee touching ready-to-eat food with their bare hands” was one of the high priority ones. “Employee filled water pitcher/cup at handwash sink” doesn’t seem like a huge deal either, but is a bit troubling.
2. City Fish Market, which we normally think of as a classy and high-end establishment, had 14 violations. The highest priority ones involved hand washing issues. At the “intermediate” level there were these: “Accumulation of black/green mold-like substance in the interior of the ice machine” and “Ice chute soiled/build up of mold-like substance/slime.”
3. The worst report was from Asia, a place we’ve heard good things about in the plaza where Camino Real ends at Powerline. The inspector found 18 total violations with five labeled “high priority.”
On the bright side, none of these were really that bad compared to others we’ve seen in the past.
Now, going by zip code, we’ll start with 33428.
The Chili’s in West Boca Square (northwest corner of 441 and Palmetto Park) had a reasonably good inspection last week. There were a total of nine mostly minor violations, with the worst being live flies in the kitchen. Also, it was only labeled intermediate, but this looks a little disturbing: “black/green mold-like substance inside the ice bin.”
Another chain in the plaza, Smokey Bones, had five violations. Only one was labeled “high priority.” That was corrected on-site and didn’t seem terribly important anyway.
Lucky Palace, in the same plaza but closer to Target, had only six violations, which is excellent compared to what we often see from Chinese restaurants. Nothing we saw looked important and all significant violations were corrected on site.
Monkey Joe’s in Loggers Run Plaza did great with only one minor violation.
Tony Dell’s Italian Restaurant, on the north end of Sandalfoot Plaza facing Sandalfoot Blvd, had a perfect inspection with zero violations. We’ve never noticed them before and will have to try it.
Sushi Yoshee, did well in mid-March with only three violations, all minor and all corrected on site. It’s one of our favorite places, especially for their Korean food.
Moving north to zip code 33498:
Coconut Cove Water Park had a perfect inspection with zero violations. They are in South County Regional Park. With a very limited menu, it’s easier to do well on inspections.
Boca Greens Country Club had eight violations and Stonebridge Country Club was about the same with seven violations. The worst in both cases were related to hand washing issues.
The “Yogurt & Ice Cream” shop on the northwest corner of 441 and Yamato had 3 violations. With such a limited menu you’d hope for perfect but this isn’t terrible and none of the violations look to be of any concern.
Just north of Yamato, at Spanish Isles Blvd on the west side of 441, Asian Grill had eight very minor violations.
Hurricane Grill in Mission Bay was inspected based on a complaint, and they found only four minor violations.
Moving up and east to zip code 33496:
It’s All Greek in The Reserve (441 & Clint Moore) had only four violations, with nothing that looked troubling. We were there once and liked it, but haven’t gotten back for a review yet.
In early March DD Flats Wine Bar in the Polo Club Shoppes (Clint Moore at Military Trail) had 8 violations and required a follow-up inspection. It looks like the follow-up is due to an expired license rather than a health or safety issue.
In zip code 33434:
Boca West’s sports pavilion and country club had 11 violations each. It’s a big number though none of them looked disturbing.
The Shadowood movie theater had only 3 minor violations. Again the limited menu makes it easier, but it’s still a pretty good report. Boston Market in Shadowood had only two.
Lucille’s Bad to the Bone BBQ in Woodfield Plaza (Regency Court) had a perfect report – zero violations.
The Orchids Garden Chinese restaurant on the west side of Lyons near Kimberly had 12 violations. None were particularly bad and several were corrected on site.
Nearby China House had 8 violations, all very minor.
Shen’s Peking in Boca Lyons Plaza had seven violations, mostly minor ones that were corrected.
Mama’s Pizza & Pasta in Hampton Square (Kimberly between 441 and Lyons) had only 2 minor violations.
In zip code 33433:
Boca Muse Cafe on Beracasa Way had seven violations, all minor.
Nearby Zingers was inspected on a complaint. They turned up only four violations, mostly minor and corrected on site.
Boca Pita Express in the same vicinity had 6 violations with nothing that looked disturbing.
Brickyard Microbrewery on the south side of Palmetto had 8 violations, with all but one corrected on site.
Bonefish Grill (one of our favorites) in the Shoppes at Boca Grove did well with four minor violations.
Maggiano’s Little Italy on St. Andrews had four minor violations.
Carrabba’s at SW 18th and Powerline is another of our favorites. They had only three violations, though the inspector considered two of them – both related to handwashing – as “high priority.”
Cilluffo’s Pizza & Pasta, on SW 18th closer to Military Trail, had only 2 minor violations.
This week we used the Sun-Sentinel Restaurant Inspections database for searching, along with the state website for verification.

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