West Boca Doctor Writes Book

West Boca eye surgeon Frank J. Weinstock released a new book this year, I’ve Been Thinking: And It Might Save Your Life (And Vision). Published by Trimark Press in Deerfield Beach, two things stand out about the book.
First, the cover (top of this article) is very catchy. It really grabbed our attention and made it clear there was going to be something about eyes. Second, the font size is significantly larger than we usually see in a paperback. Below for comparison, you can see the text from Weinstock’s book on the right next to the next book we’re reading (Age of Context by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel) and you can see the Weinstock’s text is much larger. Oddly there is no mention of this font choice anywhere in the book or even in the pages about the book on Amazon and Trimark.
The book is essentially a collection of essays written by Dr. Weinstock, some or all of which may have appeared as columns in Boca News or some other publication. In some ways it looks like the audience was an afterthought. Some essays are written to doctors, others to patients, and still others to people interested in healthcare policy.
The first section is all over the map in covering various aspects of medicine and health care. The second and third sections focus more on the eyes and ophthalmology and were more appealing to this reader.
weinstock-bio-picA medical doctor and Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, Frank Weinstock lives in West Boca and has family here as well. He has been a professor of ophthalmology at FAU, University of Miami and elsewhere. He previously practiced medicine in Canton, Ohio.

Author: Warren Redlich

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