Michael Sam and the NFL's Anti-Gay Bias

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The NFL and the sports media complex have been effusively bragging about how Michael Sam being drafted by the Rams shows the NFL has become inclusive and respectful of homosexuals. It’s a lie. It’s great that he accepted into the team, but will this affect how many people pick him for their fantasy teams? For more fantasy football news and analysis visit FanDuel.com.
Sam was the defensive player of the year in the Southeastern Conference. Those who follow football know that the SEC is the strongest conference in college football. So being named their best defensive player is a huge accomplishment.
Here’s a key statistic about that honor:
Since 2006, every SEC defensive player of the year was drafted in the first round.
Here are the picks going back to 2004:
2012: Jarvis Jones was drafted 17th overall in the first round
2011: Morris Claiborne – 6th pick, 1st round
2010: Patrick Peterson – 5th pick, 1st round
2009: Rolando McClain – 8th pick, 1st round
2008: Eric Berry – 5th pick, 1st round
2007: Glenn Dorsey – 5th pick, 1st round
2006: Patrick Willis – 11th pick, 1st round
2005: Demeco Ryans – 33rd pick, 2nd round
2004: David Pollack – 17th pick, 1st round
Ryans just missed the first round, going as the first pick of the 2nd round. Altogether the previous nine were picked, on average, on the 12th overall pick.
2013: Michael Sam – 249th pick, 7th round
Michael Sam was drafted 249th?
I’ve seen various explanations why Sam was projected as a mid-round pick dealing with his size, speed, etc. They’re all nonsense. The simple fact is that he had a great year in 2013 – much better than #1 pick Jadeveon Clowney had at the same position – against the best offensive lines in college football. The guys he beat to get his sacks will be the same guys trying to block him in the NFL.
Sports Illustrated reported after his “I’m gay” announcement that several NFL executives and coaches “project a significant drop in Sam’s draft stock.”
So let’s stop the puffery that Sam being drafted shows the NFL has become inclusive. His fall to the 7th round shows instead that the NFL remains horrendously bigoted against homosexuals. At worst he should have gone in the 2nd.
And let’s keep in mind that the NFL seems to have little problem drafting players with criminal records. Michael Sam has never been arrested for anything. In the NFL criminals are favored over homosexuals.
West Boca News is placing its bet right now. Michael Sam will make the team and have a long and successful NFL career.
Disclosure: I’m a heterosexual male. I’m not gay and I’ve never played one on TV. I’m neither pro-gay nor anti-gay. And I am a football fan.

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