9 More Arrests: Burglary, Robbery, Yada Yada

All defendants are innocent until proven guilty.
This is the second group of arrests from the past week. For the first group, see: Five Drug Arrests.
Rafael Soto-Ross (left, 17) was arrested Wednesday for robbery. He was released early Friday morning on bond. His reported address is in Spanish Isles, just east of 441 between Yamato and Clint Moore.
Chris Levering (center, 31) was arrested Tuesday night for battery and released the next day. His reported address is off St. Andrews north of Potomac. We reviewed the probable cause affidavit. It looks like it was a fairly mild argument and he has no priors we can see. We suspect the case will be dropped.
Marcel Black (right, 24), accused of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, was booked late Thursday. The blotter shows his residence in the Gables Boca Place apartments in Boca Del Mar. He has over 20 cases in the system going back to 2007, with almost all of them traffic tickets. He may have played football for Pope John Paul II High.
Larry Burdgick (left, 45) faces several counts of larceny and burglary. His address per the blotter is in the Tiburon apartments off Camino Real. He had a couple of felony arrests back in 2002 for which we got 5 years in state prison, minus about a year of credit time. Before that he had some cases in Broward and he’s listed by FDLE as a career offender. Burdgick might be a Boca High graduate and exercise guru, but we can’t be sure it’s the same guy.
In the center, Deborah Shoenberg (44) of Thornhill Village in Boca Del Mar was arrested for “public assistance fraud” and booked Wednesday morning. We see no prior cases for her.
From the southwest corner of the Sandalfoot trailers, Joshua McCommon (right, 29) was accused of grand theft and booked Friday morning. This is one of those odd cases where the offense allegedly occurred months earlier, which may make it difficult to prove. He had a previous grand theft arrest in December that was reduced to petit theft. That case is still open.
Amanda Helwig (left, 28) was arrested Monday on an “out of state warrant.” Residing in Woodhaven at Boca Del Mar, she previously appeared in one of our March arrest report stories. She appears to be a Spanish River graduate.
William Marrocco (center, 55), of the Vista Verde neighborhood near Verde Trail was charged with more counts of practicing medicine without a license. We covered his previous arrest back in February on similar charges.
In our last arrest to report this week, Sidney Feliu (right, 21) of the Lakes at Boca Raton was charged by Boca PD with DUI and also fleeing a police officer. According to the police officer she admitted to having one or two drinks. The breath test indicated a BAC over 0.17, though we should note that those tests are often unreliable. The Olympic Heights grad has had ten prior traffic cases from five incidents, dating back to 2011.

Author: Warren Redlich

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