DUI: Late June Arrests

We have mostly DUI and Battery cases to report for late June, with some related charges and one other case. We’re going to do the DUI cases first and will add the battery cases in a separate article (see Sandalfoot Battery Arrests).
On the DUI front there were six arrests of West Boca residents. Robert Aletto (top left, 21) of Vista Verde was arrested early Friday morning by Boca city police. Our research suggests he might be a Spanish River graduate. And maybe, just maybe there were some signs he might be at risk for a DUI:
Aletto was released later that morning. He apparently (and wisely from a lawyer’s perspective) refused to provide a breath sample. Mr. Aletto has over 20 cases in the county system already, though they appear to be from “only” 12 separate incidents.
Top center is Daniele Costa (39) arrested early Thursday morning, also by Boca PD. They report that she was involved in a crash at Yamato and Jog, which elevates the charge to include property damage. The PBSO blotter also indicates she was placed on some federal hold for 48 hours (possibly an immigration issue). Despite that, she was actually released about 24 hours after she was booked. Her reported address is in the Courtside Villas in Mission Bay. We see no prior cases for her in the courts.
Top right is Michael Garreffi (23), arrested a couple of hours after Mr. Aletto, also by Boca PD. His reported address is in the Indian Head subdivision of Loggers Run. He was released shortly afternoon the same day. He’s had a few traffic tickets over the past several years but nothing more serious before.
Jill McFadden (bottom left, 59) was picked up by Delray Beach police for DUI on Saturday, booked in the late afternoon, and released that evening. Her reported address is in the Island Lakes subdivision of Loggers Run. We only see one minor ticket in her past. You might want to consider contacting the Law Offices of Gary Rohlwing if you find yourself in a similar situation.
Jaime Saviano (bottom center, 55) of Sandalfoot Cove was arrested for DUI by deputies late Saturday and released early Sunday morning. He’s had several cases in the county, including a 2009 felony for oxycodone and trespassing that got him a short stint in the county jail. This happened on the same street as the home explosion last month.
Our last DUI case, bottom right, is Noah Milgrim (25) of Boca Falls. The West Boca High graduate is accused of a regular DUI, plus two felony counts for possession of drugs without a prescription. He was booked early this morning and last we checked he’s still in custody awaiting $6000 bond. We think he might be the same Noah Milgrim who was critically injured several months ago in a Fort Myers crash caused by another driver crossing over. From what little we can see, this might be a good kid having a bad run. Mr. Milgrim has has a few minor traffic tickets but we see nothing else. And those injuries might suggest he would have a valid reason to possession certain controlled substances, but without knowing more details we can’t say.

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