Garbanzo Grill in Boca Del Mar

About a week ago we were going to Brooklyn Water Bagel and one of us was not in the mood for it. So we also stopped at Garbanzo Meditteranean Grill in the same plaza, picked up a plate and brought it with us to eat at the bagel shop.

It has some outdoor seating and an interesting exterior. The location is a little odd. You might not notice it when you drive in. But it is there and has adequate parking.
Inside it’s pleasant though not exciting. In some ways it’s similar to Pita N Go near Sandalfoot. We’re not sure if it’s kosher. Our best guess, and only a guess, is that it’s not.
It was a nice plate with good items:
There are several items to choose from when you order. Here’s a look at some of them:
And here’s a picture from the online menu. What you see in the store might be slightly different:
We liked it and we will certainly go back.

Author: Warren Redlich

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