Lunch at Stallone's

A friend recommended Stallone’s so we went there for lunch today.

Stallone’s is on the north side of Glades west of Lyons in the same small plaza as Bamboo Wok. It’s the same curb cut as Rooms To Go and the Busy Body gym, across from Boca Ale House.
There are a few tables outside with umbrellas but at this time of year it’s probably too hot so we left Charlotte the Wonder Puppy home.

Inside there’s a lot of room, more than we expected from outside. It’s a pleasant interior.
Lunch was very reasonably priced. We each had a half sandwich and soup for $6.95. One of us had pasta fagioli. It seemed peppery but in a good way.

We also had the Italian Wedding soup. Both soups were noticeably different from the cheaper Italian places where the soups all seem to come from the same can. At Stallone’s the soups look and taste like they’re home made.

For sandwiches we had a meatball sub that was very good, with a nice amount of cheese and balanced well with the sauce.

We also had an Italian sub, with quality meats, cheese and pretty tomato slices.

It was a good meal. Our friend is keen on the dinner so we will have to go back. The entrees are mostly around $20 though there are meals for two that save you a few bucks. And there is a kids menu with better variety than usual.

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