18 Boca Restaurant Inspections for June-July


Eighteen restaurants in West Boca and East Boca were inspected in the past several days. Overall it was relatively good. The worst report, by number of violations, was Piattini in Royal Palm Place. It’s not as bad as it sounds, but they had 34 total violations with 7 listed as “high priority.” Here’s the worst of it:
East Boca also had a perfect inspection for The Wick Costume Museum and Theater. They had a licensing inspection for what we’re guessing is a snack bar or cafe, and they had zero violations.
The only other perfect inspection in this report goes to the Burger King in West Boca Square (the Target plaza on 441). They also had zero violations.
In that same plaza Long Island Bagel and Deli had a fairly low 4 violations with one listed as high priority – one we see frequently where an employee puts on gloves without washing their hands first.
The 2nd worst in this report goes to Lifetime Fitness on Yamato near Broken Sound. They were inspected on a complaint and were found to have 24 violations including four “high priority” ones.

Further west on Yamato, the TooJay’s in Regency Plaza (just west of Jog) had six minor violations.
The Wendy’s on Glades in Boca Lyons Plaza had only one minor violation. Cheesecake Factory at Town Center had seven minor violations.
Just east of the Turnpike, Shin Ju Buffet improved to 6 violations with one rated “high priority.” Most violations were corrected on site during the inspection. They did much worse early this year.
A couple places on SW 18th close to Military Trail were inspected. Orient House Express had seven violations with one serious – not properly sanitizing utensils. Grande Pizza Subs & Wings did better with four minor violations.
Several restaurants near Palmetto and Powerline were inspected. On the south side of Palmetto, Chipotle had the lack of hand washing before putting gloves on as their only serious violation, along with two minor ones. Garbanzo Meditteranean Grill had six mostly minor violations and the worst involved paperwork, requiring a follow-up.
On the north side at Beracasa Way, Sweet Tomatoes had only two violations though one was high priority for three flies in the prep area. Boston Market had 3 violations with the only serious one being: “High Priority – Spray hose at dish sink lower than flood rim of sink. **Corrected On-Site**”
The Muse on Beracase had 10 violations but all were minor. Nino’s Restaurant & Pizza had 8 violations. The only “serious” one was: “High Priority – Food stored in ice used for drinks. See stop sale. Lemons stored in metal container in drink ice. Ice discarded.” That one seems odd to us. Yogurt Rendezvous had two violations with the worst being: “High Priority – Displayed food not properly protected from contamination. No overhead protection for ice cream cones”
It’s possible the inspector on Beracasa was a bit picky.

Author: Warren Redlich

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