Another Motorcycle Accident: Lyons & Glades

One of our readers provided a detailed report of an accident this morning at Lyons & Glades.

5am… Motorcycle accident just west of Lyons on glades. Looks like rider taken away in ambulance. Can’t tell if another vehicle or bike. Cops and fire trucks all over area. Happened at entrance to busy body gym, stallones, etc

That entrance is actually west of Lyons, across from Millers Ale House. It’s on the north (westbound) side of Glades.

There is one vehicle being held by police at entrance to plaza so it may be a case of rider trying to avoid car and drops bike.
5:20 traffic flowing freely
5:46 ambulance shows up for female (age 50ish) in newer model camaro. Can see everything from gym
Leaving gym. Bike still on road with police at scene. Gym manager went out and was told driver clipped motorcycle. When I left she was still speaking with cops being consoled by other folks from gym

Another reader reported the accident to us after 7 am, so clearing it up took some time.
We happened to drive through there at 8:30 am and it had been cleared up by then.
We thank our readers for informing us about these incidents.

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