Sheriffs and Fire Rescue on Ponderosa – Loggers Run

Several readers report activity on Ponderosa in Loggers Run, with both Sheriff’s deputies and Fire Rescue on scene.

6 cop cars, fire truck, police taped off area behind my house on Ponderosa in West Boca. Any ideas what happened? … Ponderosa between Little Bear & Woodchuck traffic closed down. Police still here.
A body found, think suicide in country landings 1.
My dog & I were sitting in backyard & I heard pop thought it was a car back firing. My dog freaked out & wanted to go inside. A few minutes later cops there.

Another reader wrote:

Police activity and ambulance again Loggers Run in West Boca It’s on Pondorosa Drive in front of Schimmer. Cars are being rerouted anyone knows what happened?

A third reader sent us this:

Not sure what is going on, but Sheriff and Fire Rescue have a portion of Ponderosa Drive shut down. It is just south of Country Landings 1.

Country Landing I is a little north of Palmetto Park Road:

We will update our story if and when we learn more.

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