The West Boca Tornado – Photos

Update – A reader sent us a video of the tornado:

Several readers sent us photos of yesterday’s tornado in West Boca. We’ve assembled the best of them here. The picture at top is taken from Cain Boulevard (runs west of 441 from Boca Chase down to Glades).
It is our normal practice to keep readers anonymous when they submit tips or photos to us, unless they request credit or to be identified. None of them asked so for now they’re anonymous.
Here’s a shot from Mission Bay:
From South County Regional Park:
The image quality isn’t great, but this one was from near West Boca High looking over the Everglades:
The next two had no location identified:
From Saturnia Isles:
And here’s our favorite. We like it because the sign seems odd in the context of the tornado:
A couple readers sent us videos but we weren’t able to get them to work. Hopefully they’ll resend them to [email protected].

Author: Warren Redlich

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