Restaurant Inspections for September: West Boca

We’ve decided to break down our restaurant inspection reports into east and west. This report is for West Boca, meaning generally west of Military Trail or zip codes 33428, 33498, 33496, 33434 and 33433.
The winners in this report, with zero violations on routine inspections, were:
Sushi Yoshee, one of our favorite places, which serves both Japanese and Korean food. It’s particularly impressive to have zero violations for a full service restaurant with such a broad menu.
Boca Kosher Bagel, in Boca Grove.
The records also show a perfect licensing inspection for what may be a new restaurant, Century Grill at 9060 Kimberly (near Lyons).
Chuck E Cheese in West Boca Square and McDonald’s in Sandalfoot both also had perfect inspections, though Chuck E Cheese had two inspection on the same day, presumably for different parts of the same place. The second inspection had only two minor violations.
Honorable mentions go to Aladdin’s Eatery in Boca Village Square and to Lucille’s Bad to the Bone BBQ in Regency Court, each with only two minor violations.
On the dark side, Hunan City in Yamato Village Center had 20 violations. Most were minor, but three were rated more serious having to do with food storage and temperatures – a real insight into how important commercial freezer repair is, to maintain equipment to the correct level.
Ben’s Deli was second worst with 16 violations including 4 marked as serious, involving food temperatures and hand washing. Getting a professional thermometer can really help to solve this issue; it’s a simple, affordable solution to a big problem. This follows on a better, but still less than stellar inspection in May, also involving food temperatures.
Others in the results include:
Boon’s in Boca Greens with 13 violations; Villa Rosano in the Reserve with 12; Brendy’s in Yamato Village Center with 11; Orchid Garden near Century Village and Renzo’s Cafe Pizzeria on Clint Moore near Military Trail, each with 10.
Casa L’Italien in Yamato Village Center, Original Pancake House in Somerset Shoppes, and “Boca Rosho Pizza” in West Boca Square all had 9 violations. The latter two each had warnings. We’re not familiar with Boca Rosho but think it might be the business name for Lenny’s Kosher Pizza – we could be wrong though. Their warning included a “stop sale” related to food temperatures. OPH had issues with food temperature, storage and hand washing, and. They need a follow-up, which looks like a paperwork thing.
City Fish Market had 8 violations, all minor. Zinger’s Delicatessen also had 8, including 3 marked high priority involving food temperatures and storage.
Our spreadsheet, with all the restaurants in the past few weeks for West Boca, is below:
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You can read up on most restaurant inspections on Florida’s official web page for restaurant inspections.
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Author: Warren Redlich

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