West Boca Crime Map

Thanks to CrimeMapping.com, readers can get a sense of where crimes occur in West Boca. The map above gives a big picture and we’ve got close-ups below. These images cover August and September.
It’s important to note that arrests by Boca PD are not included in these maps. They only show arrests by the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office (PBSO), which covers most of West Boca. But the Woodfield and Broken Sound country clubs are inside the city limits so no arrests would show there if there were any.
The biggest concentration of arrests is in the southern half of West Boca:
The red oval in the image above shows a concentration of arrests in the Sandalfoot area, mostly west of 441 but also on the east side. There’s also another group, in the purple oval, east of the Turnpike on both sides of Glades Road
Then there’s the northern half, with the city areas grayed out:
We noticed two more focal areas in this map. The blue oval shows a number of crimes along 441, and the red oval shows a bunch along Glades Road between 441 and the Turnpike. A lot of these are in stores and shopping plazas, or traffic arrests on the main roads. The incidents are not as dense as the ones in the southern area, but they’re still noticeable.
Despite the reputation for high crime in Sandalfoot, it’s not as bad as it looks. Other places are much worse. Here’s an example in the northwestern corner of the county, with large crime numbers in Belle Glade and South Bay despite small populations:
We’ve reported in the past that crime rates in West Boca are actually lower than East Boca, and both are much lower than the county average. Those articles are:
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And the third part in that series – Crime rates in Palm Beach County by zip code.
The good news is that if you live outside of the ovals, the crime rate is very low. And they’re really not that bad even inside the ovals.

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