West Sandalfoot Car Burglar Arrest

Alexander Broadbridge (above, 33) was arrested Tuesday accused of two counts each of burglarizing conveyances (which usually means cars) and loitering/prowling. His reported address is near the west end of Sandalfoot Blvd in the Watergate Estates trailer park.
This is the second recent arrest we’ve noticed for car burglaries, with a Spanish River grad arrested last week. We’ve heard many reader complaints about car burglaries.
While he lives in Boca, Mr. Broadbridge appears to be a graduate of Atlantic High School in Delray Beach, and has some connection to North Carolina. He remains in custody at this writing with bond set at $6000.
Court records indicate this arrest arises from one or two incidents that took place on Monday. There is also another open felony for him that shows an arrest in February, but oddly shows the offense date as July, five months later. That’s probably just a typo and the sheriff’s record also shows the arrest as July. On that arrest he faces charges of dealing in stolen property and what looks like providing false information to a pawnbroker.
Mr. Broadbridge has nearly twenty cases in the Palm Beach court system (mostly traffic) and five in Broward including two felony grand theft cases from 2011. In Palm Beach his history started with a 2002 DUI and a 2003 felony battery.
We’re not sure what this photo is but we’re wondering if he’s ever been one of the panhandlers people talk about.

Author: Warren Redlich

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